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Bespoke (Legal Corners)

Bracelet Card / Holder


Bottle Neckers

Candle Toppers

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Drink Coaster

Door and Car Hangers

Fold Over Tags

Iddy Biddy

Lube Labels

Necklace Tag

Postcards & Marketing Cards

Presentation Folders

Swing Tags

Table Tent Cards

Tear Off Promo Cards

Cut lettering options if elements are too  thin:

We need 2mm as the thinnest section for cut lettering for vinyl stickers, as when it is thinner than this the letters move or come off while the backing is being removed.

If your thinnest elements are thinner than 2mm, here are some options to consider:

1.) Put a bubble cut/outline on the text. You can choose any colour, but you need to keep in mind that there can be some movement in the cutting process, so if we apply a 5mm outline, there is a chance it may be cut off on 1 side and thicker on the other (like a drop shadow for example)

2.) Put a box behind the text – either across all words or following the outer edge of each word, still with a 1mm outer border.

3.) As per number 2, but print on a clear stock with a whie ink underlay behind text, so the border/background is the clear sticker rather than a coloured print.

Spiral Bound Books Kraft - Same Day Printing
4-round-corners-with spot uv printing -sameday
Myles_Gray_Clear_Vinyl_Product_Labels Samedayprinting
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Die-Cut Stickers for Gaming - Same Day Printing Custom Stickers
The Unamed - Bellyband
Cookies Food Container Slevees Printing
takeout menus open for delivery - v1
Bag Toppers - united

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