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Ready to boost your mechanical, motor, or product brand identity? Look no further! At Same Day Printing, we specialise in crafting exceptional lube labels for the automotive industry. Whether you need Lube Labels, Car Service Stickers, Oil Change reminders, or Windscreen Decals, we've got you covered with premium quality and rapid service. Let's shift your offline marketing into high gear - order your top-of-the-line stickers today and drive your brand forward!

Lube Labels - Double Sided

  • Turnaround is base on allowing 5-7 Business Days 
  • Eye-catching full colour digital printing using UV rated inks
  • Standard Size: 40 x 60mm, 70mm x 50mm and 80mm x 60mm
  • Custom shapes & size available on request
  • Printed on a 200gsm matt paper with a removable, residual free adhesive
  • High Quality Print - Lube Labels
  • Only available in singles format - Roll label format not available for Service Labels. 
  • Professional graphic design services available

Express Auto Lube Labels
Lube Labels Inside - Same Day Printing

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Lube Labels

Mechanics service sticker, also known as service reminder stickers, maintenance stickers or lube labels, are labels that are typically placed on a vehicle's windshield or doorjamb to provide information about the vehicle's maintenance needs. These stickers typically include the date of the vehicle's last service, the recommended kilometres for the next service, and the contact information for the mechanic or auto shop that performed the service.

Mechanics service stickers are commonly used by mechanics and auto shops to remind vehicle owners of the need for regular maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. By providing a visible reminder of when service is due, these stickers can help to ensure that vehicles receive the necessary maintenance on schedule, reducing the risk of breakdowns and prolonging the life of the vehicle.

These are great for

  1. Reminders: Mechanics service stickers can be used as a reminder of when a vehicle was last serviced or when it is due for its next service. This can help to ensure that regular maintenance is performed on schedule, reducing the risk of breakdowns and prolonging the life of the vehicle.
  2. Maintenance history: Mechanics service stickers can be used to record the maintenance history of the vehicle, including the type of service performed, the date of service, and the mileage at the time of service. This can help to keep track of the vehicle's 
  3. Warranty: Mechanics service stickers can be used to record warranty information, including the date of purchase, warranty period, and contact information for the manufacturer or dealer. This can help to ensure that warranty claims are processed quickly and efficiently.
  4. Compliance: Mechanics service stickers can be used to include information that is required by law, such as certification or regulatory information. This can help to ensure that the vehicle is compliant with relevant regulations and standards.

  5. Safety: Mechanics service stickers can be used to include important safety information, such as instructions for safe driving or warnings about potential hazards. This can help to ensure that the vehicle is operated safely and prevent accidents
  6. Inventory: Mechanics service stickers can be used to record the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or other identifying information for the vehicle. This can help to keep track of inventory and facilitate repairs or replacement as needed.

  7. Organization: Mechanics service stickers can be used to keep track of which vehicles have been serviced and when. This can help to ensure that maintenance is performed on schedule and that no vehicles are overlooked or neglected.

Please note that we only offer these as singles  - Roll label format not available

What are Lube Labels used for?

Service Stickers and Lube Labels are a perfect way to communicate your brand and production information on our packaging. They are commonly used for

  • Mechanic Stickers
  • Motor Vehicle Service Outlets
  • Auto Electricians
  • Car Shops
  • Product Labeling
  • Equipment Labels

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