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Elevate your brand visibility with our high-quality bumper stickers – your ideal offline marketing solution.

Not just for cars, these promo stickers perfect for any promotional need, they are an excellent way to spread your message and enhance your brand's presence. Get your promotional stickers today and make a lasting impression!

Custom Printed Bumper Stickers and Promotional Stickers

  • Same Day, Next Day and 2 Business day fast printing turnaround solutions
  • Eye-catching full colour digital printing using UV outdoor rated inks- up to 3 years outdoors unlaminated 
  • Air Release included for easy and bubble free application
  • Simple Custom Kiss Cut to shape included (i.e. Circle, Square or Rectangle)- contour cutting and full die cut including backing material to shape available - $POA (not included)
  • Supplied as singles on square cut backing stock with boarder as standard - full thru-cut / die-cut stickers available on request.
  • Matt or Gloss Vinyl Substrates
  • 3 years outdoor durability without UV laminate
  • Up to 5 years outdoors with the addition of a UV laminate
  • Professional graphic design services available
Same Day Custom Bumper Stickers
  • Supplied as simple kiss cut* with full bleed as singles on square cut backing stock with outside white boarder as standard - full thru-cut / die-cut stickers with full bleed to outside edge available on request. 
Custom Bumper Sticker Printing - Same Day

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Boost Your Brand Visibility with Durable Bumper Stickers - Ideal for Outdoor Promotions

Looking for an effective way to promote your business, event, or cause?

Bumper stickers are also commonly referred to as car stickers or vehicle decals. These terms are often used interchangeably to describe adhesive labels or stickers originally designed for attachment to the bumper of a car or other vehicles but now more commonly applied to side and rear vehicles windows, primarily for the purpose of conveying a message, advertisement, or supporting a particular idea or cause.

Bumper stickers are a popular and effective tool for several reasons:

  1. High Visibility and Reach: Attached to a vehicle, they are seen by a wide audience, including other drivers, pedestrians, and anyone near the road. This makes them an excellent medium for increasing brand awareness or spreading a message.
  2. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to other forms of advertising, bumper stickers are relatively inexpensive. They offer a one-time investment for ongoing exposure, unlike recurring costs associated with digital or print ads.
  3. Customisable and Versatile: They can be customised in various shapes, sizes, and designs to fit specific marketing needs or personal preferences. This flexibility allows for creative expression or tailored branding strategies.
  4. Durability: Designed to withstand outdoor elements like sun, rain, and dirt, bumper stickers are generally long-lasting, ensuring that your message or brand remains visible for an extended period.
  5. Easy to Distribute: Their small size makes them easy to hand out at events, include in mailings, or give away at stores. This ease of distribution helps in reaching a larger audience without significant logistical challenges
  6. Promotes Word-of-Mouth Marketing: A well-designed bumper sticker can spark conversations and interest, leading to word-of-mouth promotion, which is highly effective and credible.
  7. Enhances Social Media Engagement: Bumper stickers can effectively bridge offline and online marketing efforts. By including social media handles, hashtags, or QR codes on the sticker, they encourage viewers to engage with the brand or cause on social media platforms. This integration can increase online followers, boost social media interactions, and enhance overall digital presence, creating a synergistic effect between physical and digital marketing strategies.
  8. Personal Expression: For individuals, bumper stickers offer a way to express personal beliefs, support causes, show allegiance to groups or teams, or simply add a personal touch to their vehicle.
  9. Mobility: Unlike stationary billboards or signage, bumper stickers travel wherever the vehicle goes, reaching different geographical locations and demographics.

Bumper stickers are a unique, mobile, and cost-effective way to promote a brand, message, or cause, with the added benefit of being customizable and durable.

Why Choose Our Bumper Stickers for Your Promotional Needs?

Our bumper stickers are designed for maximum durability and fade-resistance, essential for outdoor use. We utilise high-quality commercial large format printers and UV outdoor inks rated for up to 3 years of fade resistance, even without lamination. This ensures that your promotional stickers remain impactful and maintain their quality over time.

Printed Locally in Australia for Quality Assurance

Rest assured, our bumper stickers are proudly printed in Australia, guaranteeing you receive products of the highest standard. With our local production, you can trust that your promotional stickers will create long-lasting impressions.

Perfect for Various Applications

Whether you’re promoting a business, supporting a cause, advertising an event, or showing your team spirit, our bumper stickers are a versatile and effective choice. Enhance your marketing strategy and make a lasting impression with our high-quality, durable bumper stickers."

What are Bumper Stickers used for?

While you don't see many on actual bumpers anymore, Bumper Stickers or Promotional stickers as we now more commonly call the remain one of the coolest and most common and useful way for people to hold onto your details.

Bumper stickers are not just for Bumpers, these promo stickers are commonly made available for:

  • Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Buses, Scooters... anything with wheels
  • Boats, Jet Skis, Kayaks an Canoes.... anything that floats
  • Windscreens, Windows and Doors
  • Tool boxes, Toy Boxes, Hobby Boxes....anything that stores!
  • Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Mobile Phones 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Equipment

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