Enhance Your Space with Dual-Purpose One-Way Vision Window Decals

Discover the perfect blend of marketing flair and privacy with our innovative One-Way Vision Window Decals. While ensuring your private space remains unseen from the outside*, these decals open a window of opportunity for you to showcase promotions, messages, or bespoke artwork.

A smart choice for those who value both creative expression and personal privacy in their environments.

Increase Your Brand Visibility with Perforated Window Stickers

  • One-Way Vision (Perforated Window Film) is a great solution for window signage, marketing, creating privacy and even reducing sunlight if needed.
  • Include ultra clear lamination to provide additional UV, Dust and Scratch Protection 
  • Super Fast Printing Options – from same day for small orders received before 10am* 
  • Custom sizes available up to up to 1280mm wide in 1 drop.
  • Can be finished with an extra 20mm Bleed (Top, Bottom, Left and Right) for a clean install.- please add to your sizing. 
  • Please note: we don't offer a one way vision suitable for vehicle application.
    Our one way vision material is a 1.6mm hole size with 40% perforation and is only suitable use on shop / office window and glass applications on flat surfaces.
    For legal compliance you require a 2.0mm hole size with 60% perforation suitable for use on curved car and vehicle windows

Custom Sizes One way Vision  Window Stickers

Enjoy more privacy without blocking the outside view and while utilising your glass doors and windows to increase your brand visibility with custom one way vision stickers.

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Revitalize Your Space with One-Way Vision Graphics: A New Perspective from Inside and Out.

Utilise the full potential of your windows, not just for impactful branding and advertising but also for artistic and aesthetic appeal. Enhance your visibility and message impact significantly with this innovative approach.

Understanding the Mechanics of One-Way Vision Perforated Window Film:  This unique film is engineered with a series of perforations and a darker backing. It cleverly plays with light, creating an optical illusion - a vivid image on one side and a subtle tint from the other.

  • External Appearance: In daylight, the outer surface reflects light, emphasizing the printed graphic. The perforations cleverly blend into this image, attracting the gaze of passersby.
  • Internal View:From the inside, these same perforations focus your view outward, as natural light floods in. This design diverts your attention from the dark backing, offering a clear external view. It provides privacy and solar control, a modern alternative to traditional blinds that can obscure daylight.

Important Consideration:
Please be aware that in low-light conditions, such as at night, the effect reverses due to the interior lighting. The film becomes see-through from the outside. If nighttime privacy is a priority, this might not be the ideal solution for spaces where the interior is often brighter than the exterior after dark.

How are Perforated Window Signs Commonly Used?

Perforated window signs, an innovative solution in the realm of advertising and branding, are renowned for their unique ability to offer both visibility and privacy. These signs are crafted with small perforations, allowing for one-way visibility. From the outside, passersby see a vibrant, eye-catching graphic, while those inside can see out with ease.

Key Applications of Perforated Window Signs Include:

  1. Business Branding and Promotion: Businesses utilise one way vision on your storefront or office windows to attract customers, showcase promotions, or reinforce brand identity.
  2. Privacy and Sun Protection: While advertising or delivering a message, these signs also offer a degree of privacy for the interior and can reduce sun glare and heat.
  3. Decorative Purposes: They are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a window space in offices, restaurants, or retail stores, adding an artistic element along with practicality.
  4. Informative Signage: Often used in public transport or on institutional buildings to provide information, directions, or safety messages in a visually appealing manner.

By combining practical functionality with creative marketing, perforated window signs serve as a versatile tool for businesses and organizations to effectively communicate with their audience while adding an extra layer of utility to their physical spaces.

In addition to being known as perforated window signage or see-through window graphics, one way vision signage is also sometimes referred to as:

1. Window perf (short for perforated).
2. Perforated window decals.
3. Perforated window vinyl.
4. Contra vision (a brand name that has become a generic term).
5. Vision graphics.

These terms are often used interchangeably in the printing and advertising industry.

What are One-Way Vision Window Stickers used for?

One-Way Window Film remain the most common and useful way for people to hold onto your details. They are commonly made available

  • Branding
  • Promotions
  • Decoration
  • Branded or Decorated Room Privacy 

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