One-Way Vision Window Stickers

Increase Visibility with Window Stickers

  • One-Way Vision Window Stickers
  • Fast Turnaround – from same day for some orders
  • Custom sizes available
One-Way Window Stickers

Enjoy more privacy without blocking the outside view and while utilising your glass doors and windows to increase your brand visibility with custom one way vision stickers.

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Same Day Printing’s one-way vision window sticker signage is available as interior or exterior fix, in up to 1.5m panels.

Brand and market without losing your view

Transform your glass with this one-way vision graphic that allows you to brand and advertise from the outside, and see the world from the inside. Make use of your full window area whether it is for decorative effects, branding or advertising to significantly increase your exposure and message reach.

How does one-way vision perforated window film work?

One Way film is designed with a dark backing and holes, utilising the way the eye is drawn to light to provide visual illusion of an image from one side and tinted window from inside.

From the outside, daylight reflects off the printed area of the one-way graphics, whilst passing through the holes, drawing your eye to the printed image.

From the inside, daylight shines through the holes, drawing your eye away from the dark backing and to the outside view. The windows remain see-through and people benefit from privacy and better solar control without resorting to blinds which block out the daylight.

Finishing styles

One-way vision graphics are commonly used for full window displays, and are provided as sheets or rolls up to 1.5m wide. Some people also use them for smaller promotional decals and they can be supplied as singles or on a sheet for this purpose.

Express One-Way Vision Window Stickers Templates

What are One-Way Vision Window Stickers used for?

One-Way Vision Window Stickers remain the most common and useful way for people to hold onto your details. They are commonly made available 

  • One-way vision window sticker and decal printing
  • Promotions
  • Decoration

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