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Header Cards Printing

Bag toppers for your packaging needs are a great way to add simple branding solutions. Add your logo, tag line, promo or ad! Make them extra special with our special finishing options and laminates. Get creative with all the options you have at Same Day Printing.

If you are looking for low-cost ways to package your products to sell, custom bag toppers are a fantastic solution. 

Bag toppers or header cards a simple and cost-effective way to brand and package any type of product. 

Place your product in a bag and attach the header card which comes pre-scored (Creased) ready to easily fold-over and attach it to the bag using staples, double-sided tape, or glue.

The bag then showcases your product, while the bag topper serves as your marketing tool helping you attract attention, provide product information and for creating brand awareness. 

So, if you use any of the following:

  • Poly Bags
  • Compostable Bags
  • Biodegradable Bags
  • Jute or Hessian Bags
  • Canvas or Calico bags
  • please note that we do no supply any of the above

for your packaging and you want to use a more provisional looking solution to package your products, other than using stickers and product labels on plain bag toppers, you may like to consider custom printed bag toppers.

Bag toppers or also known as header cards are a simple and cost effective way to bring your brand to your packaging.

With the choice of no hole, round peg hole or sombrero style peg hole hanger simply place your product in a poly or clear bag,  attach and fold-over the pre-scored header card and seal by using staples, double sided tape or glue.

We can help you with standard full colour process printing bag toppers & header cards right through to custom die-cut, 5th colour printed, soft touch velvet laminated and foiled bag toppers to suit your business needs.

Order from 50 up to 100,000 units and depending on the quantity and the finishing required we have fast head card printing and bag topper finishing solutions ranging from Same Day Printing through to 5 to 7 business days.

Bag Toppers and Header Cards FAQs

Q: Can I print the bag toppers/header cards in a custom size? 

A: Yes, you can print your bag toppers in any custom size to suit your bag and product. Select “Custom Size” and pop-up in  your width and height based on the image below. 

 Q: How soon can I receive my bag toppers and header cards order?  

A: We have a range of printing and production turnaround solutions that you can choose in the online calculator ranging from our Same Day solutions, through to 5-7 business days if you want to save money and you have plenty of time up your sleeve. On top of this we also have different delivery options depending on your location. 

Q: Can I view the PDF proof online before it is printed? 

A: Yes,  even if you supply us press ready artwork you will be sent a PDF proof of your bag toppers and header cards before we proceed to printing and production. This is your opportunity to double if not triple check all details to ensure all is correct before we proceed to printing. Please take the time to do this as once it's printed, it can not be unprinted.  We will only print the file upon receiving your approval online. 

Q: Can I receive a printed proof online before my full order is printed? 

A: Yes,   but it is not included in our standard pricing but is available at additional cost. Please note that while we are more than happy to help with printed samples and while we don't have a minimum order quantity we do have a minimum order value to cover off job processing, file handling, pre-press, printing, production / finishing, packing and other overhead costs and these costs apply whether it is 1 header card or 10,000 bag toppers.  

Bag-Topper-60x45mm-sombrero-hole-Same-Day-Printing with dimension
Same Day Header Cards or Bag Toppers
Bag Topper or Header Card Printing - Same Day 1
Kraft Bag Toppers Printing with white ink - Same Day v2
Bag Toppers - united

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