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First time printing stickers? No need to worry! We have made a list of all the FAQs for times like this. Hope this page enlightens you! For more questions feel free to reach us at 03-8361-3699 or send us an email at

Can I change the size of my labels?

Yes, but please note that changing sizes after payment may require a re evaluation of your quote. Depending on the size, we will have to revise your quote and send a new invoice before proceeding which may cause a delay if this happens after cut- off time.

Do you have a design template for labels?

No, there are many shapes and sizes available for labels that a template is not really needed. We do have samples of how the artwork or design should be set up with correct margins and bleeds. You can click here. 

Are your adhesive labels recycled?

No. We do have recycled stocks for business cards, post cards, swing tags etc. but not adhesives.

Do you have clear adhesive labels?

Yes have clear vinyl stickers. Click here

Can you print adhesive labels on a roll?

Yes, however it will depend on the quantity of your stickers. We can only do Roll labels for large quantity orders as it is not cost effective to get a small amount as a roll label.

How should I supply artwork?

PDF format is best, we also allow vector files. 3mm bleed and -3mm internal margins. Check our Artwork Guidelines.

What size adhesive labels do you do?

We can do almost any size, send your size through and we will give you a custom quote for that size.

Can I do different sizes in one order?

Yes, in one job number you could have multiple orders/products/sizes.

Can you print custom shape adhesive labels?

Yes, we can do die-cuts. If it is a new die please take note that there will be an extra charge for the custom shape. 

Are your adhesive labels waterproof?

We have 2 kinds of stickers. Vinyl stickers and Paper stickers. Vinyl is water resistant, while paper is a bit more fragile.

Do you do removable adhesive labels?

Our stickers are not recommended to be removed and then used again. But if you need something removable for a window or any glass surface, we could recommend our static cling decals which do not have adhesive but stick great on glass and are removable and re-positional. Check out our static clings here.

Can I print different designs within one sheet of circle adhesive labels?

Yes we can make this possible, it would just take a little more time with our pre-press team to set up the artwork as print ready and would need to be custom quoted by our main estimator for pricing.

Can I print a border on my adhesive labels?

Because of the nature of print and especially digital print, minimal movement and shifting is expected during the printing and cutting process. There can be up to +/- 2mm movement in any print and cut process, the possibility borders will look uneven on the final product. Considering this, we do not typically recommend having borders on your stickers. 

This may not be the case, or may be minimal, however, it is possible so we highlight it during the design phase so you are aware before print.  If you choose to retain borders in the design, note that with 5mm inset borders, should there be +/- 2mm movement during production, this would result in a 3mm border one side and 7mm border the other side of the print. You may still opt to apply borders on your prints but please be advised that we do not take responsibility for uneven borders. What does shifting mean click here?

Can I have a sample print of my adhesive labels before going ahead with the full order?

Yes, we can arrange for a sample print of your custom design though please note it may not be as cost effective as ordering in bulk since we do have a minimum order value rather than a minimum quantity to cover off all necessary overhead costs. You may request for one off sample pricing by submitting your required specifications via email and we can send pricing options for a one off sample along with bulk quantity ranges so you can review the price difference.

On the other hand, we can also send through samples from previous jobs with the stock you require for testing purposes. This can be sent via Australia Post in 2 to 6 business days or via Next business day parcel starting at $14 depending on your location.

Can I have a proof?

Yes, as part of our protocol once your order is confirmed and in pre press our design team sends an artwork proof that requires approval before we can push your job into production.

Kindly note that we cannot produce and send artwork proofs until we receive at least a deposit as it does take time for one of our pre-press graphic designers to lay-up and produce the pdf proof and then package for sending.

Can I print split quantities for adhesive labels? For example 1 design x 250 and 2 designs x 500?

Yes, to arrange pricing for split quantites using our online quoting system all you have to do is add the total quantity (all quantites per design combined as the total quantity) and divide this number by the total number of designs. Then you may input this number in the 'quantity' box and the number of designs in the 'kinds' box.

For example, you are needing 1 design x 100 and 2 designs x 250. The total/combined quantity would be 600, divided by a total of 3 kinds/designs, this would total to 200 quantity. You can then input 200 in the quantity box, and 3 in the kinds/designs box to generate pricing.

Once you are ready to order, include the quantity breakdown in the notes section on the page where you will be asked to submit artwork.

You may also send us the breakdown of quantities per kind via email along with all the specifications required and we can set up a quote for you with the quantity breakdown included in the description.

What if I have more than 10 adhesive labels designs?

If you have more than 10 kinds of designs, you will have to request for a custom quote from our estimating team. You may request for this through email, call, or live-chat during business hours.

I have printed adhesive labels with you before, do you keep artwork on file?

Yes, we keep all print ready artwork on file for each order to make re-ordering much easier and time-effective. If it has been more than 3 years since your last order than you can email us with a request including an old job, quote, or invoice number along with the email address used at the time and we can check this out for you in our archive.

Do you do foil printed adhesive labels?

Yes, we can apply foiling on our paper stickers. The foiling process for our paper stickers will require a white gloss paper stock and a soft touch velvet laminate to assure the foiling is represented and applied most efficiently and effectively. At the moment, we do not have a solution yet to apply foiling on clear or vinyl stickers. Why foils?

Do you print adhesive labels with Pantone colours?

No, we do not print using Pantone colours on our sticker solutions. Since Pantone colors require converting for digital print and may not translate the colors correctly we only print using CMYK color format to assure all colors on your artwork files are represented as expected. If you have artwork with Pantone colors it would be best to convert it into CMYK on your end so you have more control over the color translation.

I have a PDF of an old adhesive label but I want to change the details on it, can you do this or do I have to go back to my designer?

I have a PDF of an old adhesive label but I want to change the details on it, can you do this or do I have to go back to my designer?
If you are able to supply us with an editable vector or high resolution PDF file then we can assist in updating details on your artwork.

This would also depend on if you can supply us with the font files required (if we don't already have them in our program) and how much exactly of the artwork is needing to be updated. 

We will be basing the cost on the extent of how much design assistance is required but we typically start at $33 ranging up to $132. To get a more accurate estimate for your needs please shoot through an enquiry.

Can I get a sample of the papers you offer?

Yes, As mentioned earlier, to test which stock is best for your needs and see what finish you might prefer we can arrange for samples of requested stocks to be sent though Australia Post which takes 2 to 7 business days at no additional cost or through Next business day parcel for $14 (cost is for freight) depending on your location.

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