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in the World of Printing?

Stay on top of all the new updates in the print industry. It's always important to stay ahead of the game and be informed of how the world of print is continually expanding, growing and creating bigger and brighter opportunities for the future generations to come.

Wow, how awesome and game changing would this innovation be?

We know in print how sustainable Print and Paper is in packaging solutions. But it's wonderful to read Stijn Franssen, EMEA R&D packaging innovation manager at Coca-Cola comments and in particular

“Our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any other type of paper, and this prototype is the first step on the way to achieving this,”

“This is all part of our journey to find the most sustainable packaging solutions for people to enjoy our drinks in a way that is right for them, and that is right for our planet,” he added. readmore


Whisky is aged in wooden casks or barrels before it’s bottled, but next year we should begin seeing Johnnie Walker appear on shelves in bottles made from paper.

Reducing the world’s dependency on single-use plastic packaging is a long, complicated journey. It could take generations for Plastic-Free July to transition from an awareness-raising campaign to a global norm all year round. In the meantime, some leading companies are beginning to collaborate on more sustainable packaging alternatives. That’s a significant step in the right direction, because cooperative ventures like these could provide a foundation for accelerating change. readmore

Check out these Awesome Offline Marketing Tools

See you options  from our High Quality Printed Products.

fold over tags - Custom Die Cut Same Day Printing v3

Fold Over Tags

Going for a simple, cost effective but efficient packaging option? Try our Fold Over Tags for a snug fit on your smaller products!

The Guilty Pleasures Food Container Sleeves - Printing

Food Container Sleeves

Printed sleeve that goes over the standard plastic food trays or food corrugated box.

Circular Clothes Hanger Tag 105x145mm - actual

Clothes Hanger Tangs

Hanger Tags have always been useful when it comes to branding and offline marketing solutions

floor decals - grab grub and go - sdp v4

Floor Stickers

Choose the perfect floor stickers to match your marketing solutions and meet your standards!

Pouch Laminated Menu for food truck - Same Day Printing 1

Pouch (Encapsulated) Menus

Hungry for more profits? Menu is one the most effective and potentially profitable investments a restaurant or food truck can make.

Cut Lettering Were open for takeout - Same Day Printing

Window Decals

Cut lettering Vinyl stickers are always best for providing concise and precise information for branding and stores.

GoKindly Pillows - Product Sleeves or Belly Bands Kraft

Belly Bands / Sleeves

Stack and wrap with our high quality prints belly band. Eye-catching high resolution full colour digital printing,Fast, professional design services available!

payment tent cards -samedayprinting

Table Tent Cards

Ensure your tent cards are printed quickly and accurately, in high definition full colour digital printing on quality stock.

LJ-Hooker - Drink Coaster on Black Card

Drink Coasters

What is one of the universal offline marketing solutions that serves as marketing, advertising and something actually useful and reusable in daily life?

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