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The best thing about customizing boxes and packaging is having the freedom to choose your unique design, shape, size and have options down to the very last detail, including stocks. You can go from simple and natural to high quality premium boxes in just a click. Check out our stocks below.

Buffalo Kraft

Unbleached, natural brown kraft board with unique two-play design which is PEFC Certified and Paper made Carbon Neutral.

Set your business apart with natural board Product Boxes. 

Make a statement with Kraft. These environmentally-friendly boxes mean that your brand or message will resonate with natural appeal. Even the simplest of designs will have the biggest effect on our Kraft range. All of our Kraft stocks are 100% recycled, and their classic look and feel is unmistakable.

Buffalo Board is a matt natural brown Kraft look card made from unbleached natural Kraft fibres, perfect for Boxes, Business Cards, party  invitations, flyers, brochures, menus, greeting cards and posters. Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral with 18% recycled fibre.

With a natural, organic and simple feel Buffalo Kraft is a material featuring high ductile strength united with decent cloudiness and a fine leathery finish one that mimics the coating of a calf.

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Popticks Black

Make it POP with Popticks Black!

Take a peek at our rich and bold Popticks Black stock. This uncoated premium stock of black paper and board. This luscious black material also known previously as Optix, is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to making a savage entrance with offline marketing materials, branding, and presentations.

The high quality stock is ideal for a wide range of applications and purposes in the marketing area and is sure to twist necks with the beauty of the Black colour.

Popticks Black is an Acid free material that comes with an extensive colour and wide ranges of weights. They are print friendly, and laser compatible so no need to worry about colours and intricate details.

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Hi-Bulk Cardstock

If you’re looking for something that can represent your durability and prestige thick standards, you can check out out Hi-bulk options for your card stock needs.

These cards are made to be extra durable and add a thicker feel to your offline marketing needs. Grab them in gloss or matt laminates and add special finishes and foils for some extra glam.

Though these are superior bulk with added stiffness quality they are economically priced and are also food contact approved. Make your food packaging and boxes extra durable with this trusted material, and get creative with your prints. We can promise that you won’t be disappointed with the performance of our outstanding quality for our Hi-Bulk stocks.

Recycled Cardstock

Not only do we promote renewable energy, we also supply environment friendly materials for our printed products. We have our recycled stocks, kraft, and eco-star stocks. If you are looking to create a natural and environment friendly marketing solution for your brand, we have our reliable 100% recycled stock available for your needs.

One of the advantages for this type of stock is the material is also compatible with ball pen inks therefore making them writable on. You can get your logos and branding printed and send out personal hand written cards without worrying about smudging or leaking.

Barry Bleach Board

If you’re looking into investing in something a bit extra, consider our Barry Bleach Board stock. An ultra smooth, premium stock that is also Food Contact approved to FDA standards so it is compatible to use for food packaging and take away boxes.

This particular stock also includes double coated folding boards for extra durability and thicker quality.
This type of material can be used for cards, covers, high quality packaging, Luxury packaging, post cards, posters, swing tags and other point of sale marketing needs.

Pacesetter Satin 250gsm or 300gsm

Satisfy your high standards and competitive quality with our Pacesetter Satin stocks.

This consistent and reliable stock will take your offline marketing strategies to a new and exceptional print level. This stock is available in gloss and satin and brings out the excellent white and brightness of your marketing materials. 

They are inexpensive but come with a high taste for quality and premium presentations to create only the best presentations for your product and branding needs. They are usually used for printing annual reports, brochures, catalogues, certificates, desk pads, direct mail, flyers and stationary.

Pacesetter Gloss 250gsm or 300gsm

We got it in Satin and we got it in Gloss!

Take your prints to a whole new level with our premium quality gloss stock. Best for printing office and marketing materials like brochures, annual reports, catalogues, and certificates.

To make it even more exciting they are available for other printing needs as well like direct mail, flyers, and even personal stationary.
Add your favorite finishes and foils to top off the glossy card stock. This particular cardstock goes extremely well with holographic foils as it enhances the look and feel of the special finishes.

Create your own unboxing experience!

Dive deeper into your packaging options, take a closer look at the possibilities and options you have for custom printed boxes.

Inspirational Gallery

Have a look at our inspiration gallery to see your options.

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E-Liquid Product Boxes and Labels

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