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Bleed is the term used for print that extends past the edge of the finished design area. It is used to ensure a quality finish where an image or a design touches the edge of your print. It is required for all print items, whether it be a business card, flyer, sticker, sign, or any other print item.

Please note print pricing is applicable only to “Press Ready” files, prepared as outlined below, or as may be alternately specified for certain product lines. Any job submitted which requires artwork, or does not meet the required specifications may be subject for re-quotation. Please click here for additional Terms and Conditions.

If providing your own artwork, please ensure it meets the following specifications:

Why do I need to include Bleed my file?

There will always be a small amount of movement (up to 1-2mm) during the print and finishing process. This is unavoidable due to:

  • Paper, vinyl and other print substrates by nature, stretch and shrink slightly as they heat and cool during the print and finishing processes.
  • Printing and finishing is completed across multiple machines. While each machine reads the registration marks of the previous one, there can be a small amount of movement, and this can be exasperated by any stretch or shrinkage in the media.


If your artwork is the exact size you want the finished document, you may see a fine line of unprinted media at the very edge when the page is trimmed. To prevent this, you should always add bleed to your artwork; that is, make your artwork wider and taller than the trim size of the page.

How much Bleed is required?

The amount of bleed required is different for different products and print processes. The table below outlines the bleed (how far the background image colour should extend past the edge of your design), and internal margin (how far text/ important content should be inset from the edge of your design), for a range of products.

How to setup bleed, Click here!

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