The Power of Creasing and Scoring 

Elevate Your Print Designs

Why Are Creasing and Scoring Essential?

Picture this: You have an elegant piece of printed marketing collateral, but when you try to fold it, the paper cracks, ruining the overall effect. That's where creasing and scoring come into play. These techniques add precision and finesse, transforming a simple piece of paper into a polished product, be it a brochure, packaging, or any other printed piece.

Unlock the Potential of Print with Creasing and Scoring

The realm of printing offers boundless possibilities, far beyond mere ink on paper. From brochures and booklets to bottle neckers and box sleeves, the presentation of your printed materials can significantly influence your marketing success.

By utilising creasing and scoring techniques, we help you avoid issues like warping, cracking, or splitting, giving your printed materials a professional finish.

The Art of the Score Line

Before we delve into the actual folding process, we start by determining where the folds will take place. Our provided templates feature guiding lines—usually marked in blue—to assist you in perfectly aligning your artwork.

Bespoke Calculator for Product Sleeves

If you are creating product sleeves, our specialised  calculator for box sleeves  is designed to provide an estimate of the sheet size required to produce your sleeve. This enables quick and precise quotations, helping your project get underway efficiently.

Sleeve Fitting Service for Guaranteed Precision

For added assurance of a snug fit, we offer a Sleeve Fitting / Testing service. This comprehensive package includes:

  • One-Off Key-Line Creation: Based solely on a key-line / dieline that is developed from a product sample you provide. If weight is a factor we recommend providing one empty container and one filled with its intended contents. (No design or artwork is included.)
  • Measurement and Test Fitting: We conduct detailed measurements and test fittings on the sample product you provide to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Plain Sleeve Sample Production: 3 plain sleeve samples are made and sent back to you for your final approval.
  • Supply of Key-Line: Your key-line, including cut, score and internal margin guidelines  will be provided as a PDF for lay-up of your files. 
  • No Revisions: This is a one-time service without any revisions.

Providing Your Own Sleeve Artwork

If you've had sleeves produced before and can supply print-ready artwork with accurate panel sizes, we can move directly to production. However, it's crucial to note:

Accountability Disclaimer: If you choose to proceed without providing a sample product for our Sleeve Fitting / Testing service, we cannot assure the fit of the sleeves. Should any issues arise with your sleeves not fitting correctly, we are not accountable if we've produced them based on the measurements you have provided.

Versatility of Belly Bands

Although box sleeves and Belly bands share a common purpose as packaging materials, they differ in structure and flexibility. Belly bands are custom-designed to wrap smoothly around a diverse range of products—from soaps and sweets to clothing and food containers—providing a versatile packaging solution. If you are creating belly bands they will be supplied flat and do not need scoring or creasing. 

Creasing vs. No Creasing: See the Difference

Creasing adds a layer of professionalism to your printed products. Without it, you risk an untidy, cracked finish that undermines the quality of your brand.

Let’s Make Things Happen, Together

Creasing and scoring don't just enhance the functionality of your printed products; they also help articulate your product's details more effectively, guiding your customers towards a more complete understanding of your message.

Remember, when opportunity knocks, we’ve got you covered. Explore our wide range of finish options and turnaround times to find the perfect fit for your project.

For more information or to discover how we can elevate your print projects to the next level, feel free to reach out to us.

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