Custom Printed Box Sleeves

Increasingly, brands are recognising the power of print and understanding the concept of 'packvertising', which is driving demand for digitally printed packaging solutions.

Take a simple plain box and make it stand out with our Express Box Sleeve Printing or change up your standing branded boxes with seasonal or special event branding.

It’s a quick way to catch attention, makes a big difference but with minimal effort.

  • Same Day, Next Day and 2 Business Day Fast Printing solutions
  • Certified Sustainable and Recycled Card Stocks*
  • Optional Laminates: Gloss, Matte or Soft touch velvet. 
  • Try out our specialty colour options: Gold, Silver, Clear, Neon Pink and White - POA*
  • Both sides: outside and the inside of the sleeves are fully customisable.
  • Custom sizing to suit your particular box - test fitting services available - $POA
  • Special finishes like foils available
  •  Perforation, Die-less and die-cutting services - $POA
  • Provide your print ready artwork or our professional designers can help
  • Please confirm the dimensions of your box / container that you would like your sleeve to wrap.

Click Here for the Box Sleeve Calculator 

Please Note:  if you're not 100% sure on the accuracy of your

measurements, you can order your sleeves supplied with double sided tape pre-applied but un-assembled for you to then wrap around and seal to help ensure a snug fit or you can send us a physical sample of your box as we have a measurement and test fitting service as well (Sleeve fitting service starts from $168).

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order options and cut off times.



We would love to help you and we love to create win-wins

Our business days and hours are Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 4pm and excludes all public holidays and weekends

Our daily order cut-off is 10am each business day for orders including payment and press ready artwork unless otherwise accepted by us in writing only outside of these times.

All order/s received outside of these days and hours commence from and are ordinarily processed the next business day.

To ensure your order goes as best as possible according to your plan and that we're all on the same page please click here for some more very important TERMS AND CONDITIONS regarding our Turnaround times, Artwork process, cut off times, delivery options plus all the other not so fun but important legal stuff.

Please note that: If your Artwork files is larger that 20MB, Please send through or or send a link using





Taping Tab: 15mm Included
Please note that our Maximum Sleeve width is 300MM

This is an estimated size - we still recommend to Send us your product and invest in our Sleeve Fitting / Testing service for accurate measurements.

Important Note:

As you can appreciate, it's virtually impossible to have standard box sleeve design templates for the millions of products and or box options available in the market, not to mention which are always changing.

For DIY steps so  you can design your on box sleeve you first need to start by accurately measuring your carton or box your sleeves are going on.

How-to-measure-for-packaging-sleeves click here!

Please note if you choose to proceed without providing us with a sample of your carton, box and or product and investing in our sleeve fitting / testing service we are not accountable if any challenges occur with your sleeve not fitting correctly and we have produced your sleeves based on the measurements you have provided.

From years of experience unfortunately simply sending through the manufactures measurements of their boxes or cartons does not work as most manufactures provide a general measurement and not ones that ensure a snug fit for a custom printed sleeve. 

We have also found in the past that manufactures and or re-sellers provide a box in which the measurements are "similar" because they have changed how they produce the box, the stock that they use to produce the box and or in the case of a re-seller who they are buying their boxes from. Even a few mm can make a difference of a sleeve not fitting on the box or as good as it should and sliding off too easily.  


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Important information on order options

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Box Sleeve, Carton Sleeves and Packaging Sleeve Printing

Take a simple plain box and make it stand out with our Express Box Sleeves and Packaging Sleeves printing produced right here in Melbourne Australia.

No waiting for your sleeves to take 10-20 days to be printed and to take  7-70 days for delivery to come from overseas, and as an added bonus your supporting Australian made!

Some say it helps with double protection of your box, and it certainly does that!

But let's be honest we know you will agree, after all that's why you found our landing page for box sleeves, the sleeves primary purpose is for Marketing or what we like to call packvertising and getting your brand and products not only get noticed but purchased. 

Box Sleeves can be a quick way to catch attention, making a big difference but with relatively minimal effort and reduced cost than getting a custom printed box produced. 

Product sleeves are economical as well as helpful in making your products stand out from the crowd.  Many industries like High-end food, clothing, jewellery and electronics often use this type of packaging to achieve a luxurious appearance and feel, the unboxing experience becomes next level.

We send your custom printed packaging sleeves flat with the options of

  • You decide how you want to wrap and seal your sleeves around your products or boxes. Check our custom sticker solutions to help you create even more of a custom look and feel. 
  • open and flat with a self-adhesive double-sided tape re applied to one end for you to then wrap around and seal with the double sided tape the box sleeves around your product. This solution is for when you don't have the time to or don't want to invest in our Box sleeve test fitting services 
  •  Supplied pre taped / glued and folded and flat for you to open up and just slide on your box. We only recommend this solution if you have 100% confidence in accurately measuring and produce your score lines to snuggle wrap around your box or you're happy to invest in our Packaging Sleeve fitting service.

Transform dull or ordinary packaging into captivating and unique designs by adding your own personalised, branded box sleeve or belly band! At Same Day Printing, we specialise in providing comprehensive solutions for all your box sleeve packaging needs.

With a diverse range of materials, print, die-cutting, die-less cutting and other finishing options like laminates and foils we have everything you require, conveniently available under one roof.

To further enhance your experience, we also offer an optional in-house professional design service.  Our dedicated team of designers possesses the expertise to craft tailor-made, premium designs that perfectly align with your specific requirements. With a strong emphasis on quality, we ensure that the designs we create are of the highest standards, reflecting your unique vision and objectives. Trust our team to deliver a bespoke and exceptional design that surpasses your expectations.

Whether your looking for a prototype, a small run of 50 per design / flavour, or a single product run of 50,000 sleeves   get your custom Product Packaging and Box Sleeves designed and printing today, we’ll help you make it happen!

What are Box (Carton) Sleeves used for?

Belly bands and Box sleeves are a great way for people to hold on to your details and remember your brand. They are commonly made available for: 

  • Branding and Re-Branding Generic and Plain Boxes
  • Mailer Box Sleeves
  • Slide-on Box Sleeves
  • Gift Box Sleeves
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Hygiene Product Packaging
  • Candies and Chocolate bars
  • Customer Gifts and Giveaways
  • Seasonal Product Promotions
  • Packaging Apparel products
  • Packvertising  and Unboxing Experience
  • Make up products

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  • Packvertising  and Unboxing Experience
  • Business Cards
  • Stickers and Labels
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