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How to Measure

for Packaging Sleeves

Measure Packaging Sleeve for boxes, soaps, e-liquid juice, cbd oils, cosmetics, food container sleeves and any containers and objects.


Here are easy DIY steps you can take to measure the sleeves you need for your box.

Option 1. Use a sheet of paper as a measuring tool

This option is a fun one, all you need is paper that is big enough to wrap around your box, a scissor, and a ruler. This method will help you see how your sleeve will look like and what the best option is for sizing and thickness. You can even play around with the sizing in this method until you find the best fit for your box.

Step 1 

Take the box you want to wrap and measure the thickness you would like your sleeves to be on a piece of paper. Cut the paper in that size. This is also the best time to play around with the size of your sleeves, to help you choose the perfect fit.

Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 1
Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 2

Step 2

Wrap the paper band around your box. You must wrap the band tightly on your box to ensure a snug fit. You can also press firmly on the edges so the paper band can crease at the edges of the box.

Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 3
Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 4

Step 3

Mark where the band meets and cut off the excess paper.

Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 5
Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 6

Step 4

Remove the paper band and measure it's total length.

Step 5

Measure each side and label them per panel. (Side Panel, Front Panel, Side Panel, Back Panel)

Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 7
Packaging Sleeves - Measure step 8

Option 2. Measure the box/product itself

A less technical option is for you to measure the exact dimensions of your box. 

You must ensure the dimensions are accurate in order to produce an accurate size for sleeves as well.

You will need to measure the Length, Width, and Depth of your box.

Once you have the dimensions, let our team know and we will come up with a sizing for your sleeves according to that size while also considering the thickness of your sleeves.

Important Note for Options 1 and 2. 

Please note that without a sample product we can not do a test fit to ensure the snug fit and our proposal is currently based on supplying the sleeves pre-creased to fold, with double sided tape pre-applied but unassembled for you to wrap around the boxes to ensure a snug fit. 

Option 3. Send us your product 
(Recommend, especially when you have time up your sleeve..)

This is by far the most accurate and easy way to get your sleeves a snug fit for your box.

Send us a sample of your box or package and our friendly team of experts will measure and test your sleeves before we print out and dispatch.

With our precise measuring equipment and a experienced and reliable team we will determine the best size for your sleeves.

If you would like to consider our Sleeve Fitting / Testing service, it starts from $168 and as a base service includes. 
Basic Sleeve Fitting / Testing Includes:
- Check of client supplied and or One off key-line creation only (no design or artwork included)
- Based on measuring and test fitting on a client supplied product sample
- Production of a couple of Plain Sleeve sample only
- no revisions

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