5 Ways to Use
Postcards in Marketing

Even if it’s just a card stock paper or you find it too traditional, but inserting this to your marketing can make a direct impact on your clients in various ways.

A person’s inbox is cluttered with more than a hundred marketing emails which are mostly never read nor opened. This is why direct mail marketing will always be a good way to go-in this context, sending postcards.

According to the Data and Marketing Association, up to 90% of consumers open direct mails and specifically, 50.9% of them find postcards useful. That’s a little more than half and a reliable number to start with!

Comprehension isn’t much needed to read a postcard as it is more straightforward than when we go through an email that tends to be overloaded with information. They can also be repurposed into display items, scrapbooking materials, and other creative ways.

Meanwhile, this direct mail method may be one of the most cost-effective ones that marketers can enforce in their marketing, but it still does come with a cost. With this, you must also make it a goal that your investment will return.

If you believe that it has the potential in improving your marketing strategy, here are five ways to use postcards for effective marketing and improve response rate.


To say Hello

 Whether your recipient already knows about you or not, a proper introduction of your brand is an obvious but important step to give an insight to what you offer and why they received the postcard in the first place. 

A nice greeting kick starts a conversation that can turn into a connection.


To show Care

Show your Care - 5 ways to use poscards in marketing - Same Day Printing

 As you identify the ones interested in you, make them feel like the postcard is for them and them only. Personalise it by addressing them with their names which is possible and efficient through Variable Data Printing (VDP) process, touching their pain points, and guiding them through the process. 


To give them little treat

Give them a litte treat - 5 ways to use poscards in marketing - Same Day Printing

 For clients who have shown support to your brand, rewarding them with vouchers or discounts won’t hurt; it might even bloom into loyalty. This is mostly utilised when they are sent with an approaching holiday or season, or when they have made a certain number of purchases from you.


To make them aware

Make them Aware - 5 ways to use poscards in marketing - Same Day Printing

 Be a friend by giving them updates when there’s a new product or service you are offering, or whether there’s a change in the process or unforeseen delays. When they are constantly aware of what goes on with your brand, you will become trustworthy in their eyes


To invite them

Invite Them - 5 ways to use poscards in marketing - Same Day Printing

 The main objective of sending postcards is to secure sales. One way to do this is by giving them a glimpse of the exact solution you can provide them, and then adding an attractive call-to-action to ensure that your potential client will make a purchase. 

Postcards are printed pieces that will never go out of style especially in this era wherein emails saturate the inbox while postcards simply sit pretty inside the mailbox waiting to be opened.

After all, who doesn’t look forward to opening their mailboxes to read their letters and postcards?

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