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Tips and Ideas for Tradies.

Marketing tips for tradie -  If you are a Sole Tradie or run a team of Tradesman, you're probably always on the look out for marketing ideas and opportunities to help you grow your business.
Congratulations! You found us! Here at Same Day Printing we want to help you promote your business or brands old school style. Check out some of our offline marketing or solutions and creative ideas to help you attract and capture your clients and prospects attention.

So you’re aTradie and you want to grow your business.

I’m not only a Tradies son, my old man is a sparky, I’m also a Tradie myself being in the print game.

While you know you are good at what you do, whether you are a Sparky, Chippy, Mechanic, Gardner or Plumber, Marketing may not be your strong points.

Let’s be honest, it is getting even harder and more competitive to be found online. Like most industries there is a massive amount of competition now online vying for your customers and or prospects attention.

That said, I’m certainly not saying you don’t invest in your online marketing, as you should be, but the offline (old skool) marketing tools still work and are often now neglected by some of your competitors.

Here is 8 quick tips that will not necessarily break the bank but more importantly I know will help you generate more leads and build your business.

Business Cards - Marketing tips for tradie

With Business Cards, we can help your marketing tips for tradie with business build a sophisticated first impression! Trades and Builders all around Australia still very much utilize business cards for introductions and good etiquette.

Our Same Day Printing promise is print and deliver your business cards on time, whenever and where ever you need them so as to support your brand professionally and with top quality service to reflect the premium class of your trade.


it’s not just the people in retail stores and the fast food joints that benefit from branded uniforms…You are a walking and working billboard, use it. Make a statement with your apparel options, it doesn’t even need to look like a uniform. It just needs to GRAB attention. Marketing tips for tradie using Apparel.

Whether it is your Shirts, Vests, Hoodies, Caps and even your shoes! (think about it….some of you do or should be taking your shoes off when you get to the front door, your customers will notice!) custom printed apparel will not only help you stand out from the crowd, it will help promote who you are and what you do!

Vehicle Signage - Marketing tips for tradie

Now this one is something that helps spread awareness for branding, literally. If you have a company vehicle, put a sign on it! Make it official to represent the brand and company wherever you go. More exposure, more awareness, means more sales, right?

You could never go wrong adding your official logo and maybe even your company website and social details on the vehicle. Think of all the traffic that could spot you! Don’t let it all go to waste. Make it count!

Flyers or Postcards

I’m not talking about a mass distribution mail box campaign that’s going to cost you 1000’s of dollars, but how much time would it take you to pop something in the mail box left and right of the house you are working on? With digital printing you can print as little as 50 flyers or postcards to start testing and measuring.

Flyers actually still do a pretty good job specially for those walking down the street near your business or possibly other businesses that might be interested along your neighborhood.


 are a little bit more classy than flyers and postcards, they add a bit more class to your presentations specially if the content and design is as premium as the quality of our brochures. Wink wink!

Door Hangers

Door hangers haven’t gotten the credit that they definitely deserve. Did you know that door hangers are actually effective when it comes to offline marketing? If it’s not for others, then it’s probably because of their content, (no offense).

 If you created door hangers that were actually reusable for the clients or whoever you were giving them out to, then the hangers would stick around, and so would your offer, message, or details.

There will be certain opportunities where you may be able to pop a door hanger on a door or three. Remember if you provide a great “No Brainer” offer you will find it will generate results. Try it out yourself! Find out more at (Hang-around-with-door-hangers)

Presentation Folders

These are very much still common now a days. It’s an added luxury for extra important meetings or company presentations.

If you’re looking to impress some people whether it be some new recruits, new clients or even your regular employees with something new and bold, then add a touch of presentation folders to your meetings to make it official! Add that extra spice to grab more attention.

Bottle neckers - Marketing tips for tradie

Bottle neckers are one of the many ways to relay a short message across from one to the other. Actually the receivers will definitely look forward to the bottle rather than the bottle necker itself, Kidding aside.

It’s important to ensure that whenever you give out gifts or beverages in bottles and want to include a small marketing factor to them, it’s better to stick with bottle neckers.

They’re small, they’re cute, and you can create a bubbling message for your receiver to remember you by. Nothing to lose here!

NCR Quote Books - Marketing tips for tradie

Now this is definitely something all tradies need. Without it, you’re not official. Seriously, get your invoice books today. Choose between our 4 different kinds of binding and 5 colour schemes. If you have some already then awesome! If you don’t, well buddy, grab a quote today and thank us later. marketing tips for tradie. deciding to a become a tradie?

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