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using laminated Menus?

Printing custom menus can be a great idea if your company is in the restaurant or food industry, or even if you have a special event that involves a meal that you want to make even more memorable. try out our high quality prints and laminates.

The Benefits of Lamination

We’ve all been there. Before ordering at a restaurant, somebody passes the bread and knocks over a wine glass.

It spills all over the menu, making a soggy mess. Or you absentmindedly place the syrup dispenser down on the specials menu and it leaves a sticky ring. Maybe the kids have lost their patience after the meal.

They’re running around and accidentally jostle the table – mom’s coffee lands on the dessert menu. It happens.

Restaurant menus receive some really rough treatment; the spills and frequent handling can take a toll on paper menus, even if they are laminated. A durable, waterproof menu makes all the difference.

With many sizes available, from id card size to large A3 formats, there are many items that can be laminated, giving long lasting protection from wear and tear:

  • Menus
  • Point of sale
  • Place Mats
  • ID Cards
  • Bar Tab Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Price Lists


Waterproof and tear-proof.

On top of our paper stocks already being durable and thick depending on your choice of thickness, these custom made cards, menus and price lists are still made of paper which leaves them vulnerable to water. If your marketing materials are intended for reusable purposes, then getting them laminated would be the smart move. Adds to durability, no need to worry about spills, and makes it easier to sanitise and reuse.

Easy to clean - Menus

Easy to Clean

wipe and sanitized.

Sauces and spills become less of a problem when you laminate your menu prints and so these laminated prints are great for busy restaurants that want a wipe clean & sanitized menu. For restaurants who want a heavy duty menu, we offer an high quality laminate menus that many of our customers love and prefer to use.

Impressive Presentation - Menus

Impressive Presentation

attract more customers.

Presentations include the overall design and content of a marketing print out, however it also includes paying attention to detail. Keep your details presentable and sharp while keeping your prints fresh and good as new with laminated pouches. With your prints in tip top shape, you’re sure to turn heads and catch attention.

Low Cost - Menu

Reduce Costs

save time and money.

While it is easy to print out hundreds of copies of your offline marketing solutions, there are other options specially when it comes to frequently used items and materials. Upgrade your marketing print outs to Laminated pouches to increase the durability and value of your menus, cards, and flyers. Having a few but effective printed materials that will last longer will definitely cut costs and give you a budget friendly solution as lamination prints are also the new ‘Smart & Practical’.

Inspirational Gallery

Have a look at our inspiration gallery to see your options.

Pouch Laminated Menu - Same Day Printing 3
Pouch Laminated Menu for Cocktail Bar- Same Day Printing 2
Pouch Laminated Menu for food truck - Same Day Printing 1
Business Cards with Pouch Film laminates Printing Cocktail bar tab
Business Cards with Pouch Film laminates Printing Wine Tasting tab
Business Cards with Pouch Film laminates Printing Small Square Bar Tab
Flat Cards With Pouch Laminates Printing
Gym Instruction Flat Cards With Pouch Laminates Printing
Real Estate Flyers Flat Cards With Pouch Laminates Printing
ID Card Printing with Pouch Laminates
ID Card Printing with Pouch Laminates version 2

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