Laminating Services

Gloss laminate enhances color rendering, Eliminates folding and cracking issues, Increases display time due to resistance to water & wax.

Why Pouch Laminating Services?

Our laminating pouch service is an excellent choice for protecting your valuable documents.

With many sizes available, from id card size to large A3 formats, there are many items that can be laminated, giving long lasting protection from wear and tear:

  • id cards
  • Point of sale
  • Information Maps
  • Instructions
  • Place Mats
  • Guides
  • Menus
  • Notice around the office and School
  • Business Cards
  • Real Estate Information
  • Price Lists and much more.

1. Foodtruck, Cocktail bar and Restaurant Menus

Hungry for more profits? Menu is one the most effective and potentially profitable investments a restaurant or food truck can make.

Menus are the brochure of the food business industry.

You can’t serve drinks if you don’t have a proper menu for customers to browse through right? Check out our menu options that fit exactly what you need. We have brochure types, booklet types, even the durable thick types of menu materials. We can even add special finishes to make your menus extra special! Choose from our gloss, matte, coated, un-coated, pouch laminating fils and maybe even add a little foil in there to really make your menu sparkle! 

Just let us know what you need and you’ll get the top quality and value you deserve with our fast turnaround options, you won’t be disappointed!

Pouch Laminated Menu - Same Day Printing 3
Pouch Laminated Menu for Cocktail Bar- Same Day Printing 2
Pouch Laminated Menu for food truck - Same Day Printing 1

2. Bar Tab Cards

This is probably the number 1 on your list for marketing solutions, not just for Restaurant but for ANY brand awareness. Bar Tab Cards don’t only reflect your brand or product, they are a teaser or a small hint of character. They reflect YOU.

Which is why, you should make it count and ensure your business cards / Bar tabs are the perfect fit for you, your brand, and your product. Browse through our many different options for your business card / bar tab cards needs!

Business Cards with Pouch Film laminates Printing Cocktail bar tab
Business Cards with Pouch Film laminates Printing Wine Tasting tab
Business Cards with Pouch Film laminates Printing Small Square Bar Tab

3. ID Cards

Behold our range of  cardstock options. We offer any size, shape or variety of colours you can dream of, because getting people correctly identified at an event doesn't need to be boring and plain! and giving customer loyalty cards that look awesome is far better for business than giving out plain boring credit card style gift cards. 

ID Card Printing with Pouch Laminates
ID Card Printing with Pouch Laminates version 2

4. Flat Cards, Maps, Instructions and Guide Prints

Reach out to customers who are in a hurry! Flat Cards can be used as menus, pricelists, promos , Maps, Instructions, User manuals, guide and more. It’s important to have all important and basic details about your business or brand on flat cards so it’s easier for people to get all the info they need in just one grab.

Place these on a rack, countertop or even hand them out on the streets to those passing by! It’s a great offline marketing solution to attract outside traffic.

Flat Cards With Pouch Laminates Printing
Gym Instruction Flat Cards With Pouch Laminates Printing
Real Estate Flyers Flat Cards With Pouch Laminates Printing

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We as a small business are also doing our best to do our part in using clean and green energy. We take pride in the small steps we take to make a difference. Renewable energy is the way to go for Same Day Printing always.

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