Same Day Printing is Environment Friendly

We as a small business are doing our part in using clean and green energy. 

We take pride in the small steps we take to make a difference. Renewable energy is the way to go for Same Day Printing always.

Solar Panel - Sameday Printing Eco friendly - panels

Thank you so much for your interest in our sustainability efforts. 

Same Day Printing is an Australian owned small business and we are quite proud of our early and enduring commitment to renewable energy and eco-friendly practices.

All our printing is 100% Australian produced in Australia and we couldn't be happier to have this opportunity as a business to practice sustainability and use clean energy for our power supply.

Not only do we promote renewable energy, we also continue to seek out and supply environment friendly materials for our printed products

We have a range of Sustainable, recycled, kraft, and continually looking for other eco-friendly solutions

We totally support the sustainable manufacturing movement and will always look forward to finding new ways to contribute to this cause.

We hope to raise awareness and inspire our clients, customers and partners to do the same. 

While we don't have any official "Environmental Certification" from a recognised body as we are a small business and it is a cost impost that we don't see any benefit from as we live and breath sustainability daily.

We are proud to have been one of the early adopters in Melbourne's business sector of solar power and LED lighting, both implemented in January 2015. This required significant investment, especially since sustainability was not yet a widespread business concern and as a result certainly not as cost effective as it is today.

When we installed our Solar Power System back in 2015, you could say long before it became a trend for businesses to do so. Our motivation wasn't financial savings or marketing advantages. Instead, as the Directors were parents of two young boys, they wanted to contribute positively to the future of our planet. Regardless of varying opinions on the causes of climate change, our aim is to be able to look back with the confidence that we earnestly tried to make a difference.

Same Day Printing with Solar Panels - Environment Friendly

 Solar Panels

insulated factory ceiling -Sameday printing wide shot version 1

Insulated Factory Ceiling

Same Day Printing with Solar Panels - Environment Friendly

Window Blinds

As you may already know, the printing industry is one of the most sustainable sectors in Australia, with a strong emphasis on recycling, renewable energy use, and carbon footprint minimization. We've embraced this ethos wholeheartedly in our operations.

Digital printing is renowned for its sustainability benefits, especially when compared to traditional printing methods. Here are several reasons why:

  1. Reduced Waste: Digital printing doesn't require plates, which are typically used in traditional printing methods such as offset. This eliminates the waste associated with producing and disposing of these plates. Additionally, digital printing allows for exact quantities to be printed, reducing the waste produced by overruns or unsold stock.
  2. Less Energy Consumption: Digital printers usually require less energy than traditional printing presses. They don't need to run continuously and require a long warm up before each use, which results in lower energy consumption. When you couple this with our investment in our Solar Power system, we believe it forms a highly effective and environmentally conscious combination.
  3. Less Ink and Chemical Usage: Digital printing uses toner instead of wet ink, which requires less processing and, thus, generally fewer chemicals.
  4. Variable Data Capability (personalisation): Digital printing enables personalised and variable data printing. This means each piece can be different, which may encourage more efficient use of the printed materials and less likelihood they'll be wasted or discarded.
  5. Paper Conservation: Because there's no need to make ready sheets or setup, digital printing can potentially save a significant amount of paper over time.
  6. Reduced Transportation: Since digital printing allows for printing on-demand and in exact quantities, there's no need for large storage areas or transporting large quantities of printed materials. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and storage.
  7. Efficiency: The speed and efficiency of digital printing allow for faster turnaround times, reducing the energy used per printed piece.

While these factors make digital printing more sustainable, it's crucial to remember that sustainability also depends on other aspects of the printing process, such as using sustainably sourced paper, properly managing waste, recycling, and energy-efficient practices in the workplace.

As well as Solar and LED lighting, our building design also further incorporates energy-efficient feature in which we utilise a CBUS computer-controlled lighting and power management system.

To further enhance energy efficiency, we installed a 100mm insulated blanket in our factory ceiling, and opted for multiple split system air-conditioners instead of one large EVAC system, allowing us to selectively cool or heat specific areas as needed. Plus simple non structural things like dual blinds fitted to all opening windows help manage energy consumption, particularly important given the large amount of glass on our east-west oriented frontage. 

We produce over 95% of our printed products fully in-house, with a comprehensive range of in-house printing and finishing solutions, there is not much we need to outsource to other suppliers to produce minimising any unnecessary transport between facilities. 

In our perfect binding solution for books, we've invested in a binder that uses a new generation of glue, enhancing the strength of the bind and reducing waste compared to standard EVA and PUR binding.

We also take our recycling and waste management very seriously. Our print and production processes are lean, and we continually seek new ways to further reduce waste.

Our facility features a water-efficient, unisex toilet with no urinal, and we've even adopted the 'shake and fold' policy for our paper towels (as explained on We even let dishes accumulate to avoid wasting water on washing just a few items and use a fisher and Paykel half drawer dishwasher when the dishes need to be done.

Our hiring strategy typically leans towards recruiting team members who live within a 30-minute drive of our facility. While the primary motivation for this approach is promoting a healthy work-life balance, an additional benefit is that it helps our team and ultimately us further reduce our carbon footprint and furthers our commitment to sustainability with a reduction of travel time. In fact, 3 of our team members regularly walk, scooter and or cycle to work. 

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. 

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to any further questions you may have.



We can do Same Day Courier Delivery, 1-2 Business Days, UBER Direct, Pick Up, National Delivery and International Delivery. Readmore at our Fast Delivery option page.


Same Day Printing cycle focus ensuring all waste (Water, Ink and Paper) is either reused or recycled. Print is important, but dispose of it thoughtfully!


With water becoming more precious than ever before, we make saving water a priority. Our eco print processes require virtually no cleanup, Unisex toilet, no urinal and a Water efficient toilet, even let the dishes stack up so that we are not washing one or 2 cups with a sink load of water. Which saves of litres of water per day.


VOC’s are off-gas from paints, finishes and other coatings, and also result from the use of cleaning products, air fresheners, personal care products and other materials brought into the building and at high concentrations can lead to irritation of the nose and pharynx, and have been associated with leukemia, childhood asthma and other respiratory disorders.

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