What is

Sombrero Hole?

These perforations are a huge staple for retail use! As the name suggests, a sombrero hole is a type of perforation that resembles the silhouette of a sombrero - allowing your packaging the ability to be hung on hooks for a more accessible display. 

Sombrero Hole

Display Hook Example - Sombrero Hole V2

If you have products that need to be displayed for your customers to reach off-the-rack, having sombrero holes punched into your packaging can make customer interaction much smoother!

What products can sombrero holes be used on? Sombrero holes can be used to hook and display a bunch of different attachments for products including header cards, fold over tags, bag toppers, clamshell inserts, bracelet holders, necklace holders, and hang card prints. You can look at the samples below as a reference and see which solution fits your product best!.

Where can I display my sombrero-holed goods?

Goods that have sombrero holes punched into their packaging can be hung on a single-pronged display hook and a Euro-style loop hook, making it a lot more versatile for retailers like yourself.

It's hard to know which solution a retailer is using to display your products, you can take the guesswork out of it and use a sombrero hole as it is more versatile over a single hole as it allows your product to hang from either a single-pronged display hook or a Euro-style loop hook.

Examples of Printed Packaging that Use Sombrero Holes

Bag Toppers / Header Cards

Bag toppers for your packaging needs are a great way to add simple branding solutions. Add your logo, tag line, promo or ad! Make them extra special with our special finishing options and laminates. Get creative with all the options you have at Same Day Printing.

Bag Toppers - united
Same Day Header Cards or Bag Toppers
Bag Topper or Header Card Printing - Same Day 1

Fold Over Tags

Going for a simple, cost effective but efficient packaging option? Try our Fold Over Tags for a snug fit on your smaller products! They may seem small and simple but we can definitely glam them up with your design and our laminating options.

fold over tags - Custom Die Cut Same Day Printing v3
fold over tags - Custom Die Cut Same Day Printing

Clamshell Inserts

Need Clamshell Inserts? You’ve just hit the jackpot! Turn heads and drop jaws with our high quality materials and HD Colour printing we can provide you with only the best professional prints for your products! Check our available options to give your prints an extra wow factor below.

clamshell Insert Printing - Same Day

Bracelet Holders

Selling accessories and jewelry? Accessorize our Custom Bracelet Cards to add a bang for a buck with your products! We can provide high quality printed packaging with HD Colours available at your disposal. Make your product Stand out today.

Bracelet-Card-Holders-Sameday-Printing 2
Bracelet Card Holders - Sameday Printing

Necklace Holders

Own your brand with express Necklace Cards, Fast, professional design services available, Same Day Printing and 1-2 Day Fast printing options.

Necklace Holder Printing Express - Same Day

Hang Cards Printing

Grab your express Hang Cards today! Best way to package and display your accesories for sale! Check out your options from high quality colours and special laminates to finishes and foils for your product packaging! Grab a quote today!

Blister Cards Printing - Same Day Turnaround
battery blister cards - sameday printing v3

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