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What Does not Optically

Clear Vinyl Sticker mean?

Clear* (Transparent) Window Decals

When you're looking for see through options for your window decals you have 3 possible choices a virtually seamless look to your window graphics or decals, you have two possible choices:

We offer the first 2 of the above.

Please click on this link to learn more about Profile Cut & Weeded Transfer Decals

Transparent Clear Vinyl

We can help you with Transparent Clear Vinyl decals which are not optically clear and can be seem by some of the examples in the images at the bottom of this page. This vinyl is a thicker substrate to make it a bit more easier to use for the DIY application, but it is important to note that these are a Non Optically clear but transparent vinyl decal. 

These are a great solution when you only need temporary solutions for short term situations and don't want the extra difficulty and time to remove profile cut and weeded transfer decals or you want to DIY as you don't want to invest in a signage company doing a professional installation but you still don't want a big white sticker on your windows.

Applications include

  • Seasonal Marketing & Signage
  • Promotional Sales
  • Temporary Signage

Optically Clear Vinyl

Optically clear vinyl is the ideal film choice for applications to glass and clear acrylic where optimum clear vision is required on the unprinted areas of the graphic and you don't want Profile cut and weeded transfer decals or your design is not suitable for this process for longer term permanent window signage solutions.

Optically clear vinyl decals are suitable for use on shop windows, vehicle windows or interior partitions, to implement creative design ideas combined with functional benefits.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer this solution and we recommend that you find a signage printing company that specialises in the print and installation of window graphics. The reason for this is that it may seem a great idea to DIY to save some money on the installation, but things can go pear-shaped pretty quickly  if you don't have experience or enough skills and large optically clear vinyl decals are not cheap and it pays not to be "penny wise and pound foolish".

So to ensure your permanent business branding looks fantastic all year round, our advice is to do what you do best and hire a professional signage company for that more premium installation.  

Cut Lettering Stickers - Same Day Printing 800x533px

Cut Lettering

Cut lettering Vinyl stickers are always best for providing concise and precise information for branding and stores.

Myles_Gray_Clear_Vinyl_Product_Labels Samedayprinting

Product Labels

Printed quickly and accurately, in high resolution vibrant print, on quality vinyl, synthetic or paper sticker stocks.

Interior Exterior Fix Stickers - Same Day Printing - v2


Custom shape stickers of Die-cuts or Custom Shapes are made uniquely for your branding and marketing needs.

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