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Why Creasing (or Scoring) Paper is important?

The Power of Creasing and Scoring Elevate Your Print Designs Why Are Creasing and Scoring Essential?Picture this: You have an elegant piece of printed marketing collateral, but when you try to fold it, the paper cracks, ruining the overall effect. That’s where creasing and scoring come into play. These techniques add precision and finesse, transforming a […]

To go Beyond CMYK

To GoBeyond CMYKCMYK represents the primary Colours of PIGMENT or ink namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These are the Colours you see on printed outputs like magazines and other marketing materials. Beyond  CMYKLet’s start with the basics. CMYK represents the primary Colours of PIGMENT or ink namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (Key). These […]

Best Fonts for Business Cards

How to Choose the best font for your Business Cards?Finally getting your first business card printed? You want to make sure that your cards represents you in all aspects, design, details and even fonts! Let’s talk more about the fonts you need for your perfect business card.    FontsA font is a collection of characters cases and […]

Why Laminates

Why Laminates?Protect your custom printed products from Stains, Spills and Smudges. The Lamination process is basically two pieces of clear plastic film that is bonded with the product or custom print in between to add a layer of protection and or finish. The Benefits of Laminate PrintingDiscover the benefits of lamination for printed materials, A gloss, matte […]

Same Day Printing is Environment Friendly

Same Day Printing is Environment FriendlyWe as a small business are doing our part in using clean and green energy. We take pride in the small steps we take to make a difference. Renewable energy is the way to go for Same Day Printing always. Thank you so much for your interest in our sustainability efforts. Same Day […]

Die Cutting and Digital Die-less Cutting

What is Die-Cutting & Die-less Cutting?If there’s one obvious way to stand out, it’s daring to be different. Our custom shapes service, allows you to customise the shape of your packaging and marketing collateral to ensure your custom prints and design will have a matching custom shape too. Check out the wide range of options you […]

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