Paper & Card Stock

Paper & Card Stock

It’s only paper.  How much difference can it make?

We’re glad you asked.  Actually, the right paper or card stock – or the wrong paper or card stock – can make all the difference in the world.  The relative success of your print project could depend on making the right choice of paper stock.  The right design + the wrong stock = disaster.  The right design + the right stock + Same Day Printing = Best in Show!

We know that you can’t afford to make mistakes with your print collateral.  Our Same Day Printing Team knows that the same paper stock is not suitable for all projects.  And they will gladly help you choose the one that is the best for yours.

Check out our Quick Reference Guide for available paper stocks, finishing options and order volumes.


Quality Materials and Manufacturing

Our commitment to providing the right stock for your project begins with us offering only paper manufactured under the highest standards and created specifically to produce the finest-quality finished print results.

Quality Finishes

Only Forest Stewardship Council certified raw materials from well-controlled sources are used to produce the stock we offer.

All of our stock, paper or card, coated or uncoated, is manufactured in ISO-certified facilities, which means that the processes for production meet the highest international quality standards.

For a crisper, cleaner finished product, we use only coated and uncoated stock that measures well above 100 on the international CIE whiteness scale.  (That means that our stock is really, really white.  And that’s really, really good!)  The finishes of our paper are designed to create ultra-sharp, eye-popping images when the ink is applied, so that your presentation “wows” your audience and makes your boss proud. (Now would be a good time to ask for that raise.)

Whilst it may not make a difference for your presentation at your next event, you might still like to know that our stock is acid-free and conforms to a standard that gives it an archival rating of several hundred years.  On the other hand, if you are writing a book, and if it becomes a raging success long after your demise, your great-great grandchildren will smile from ear to ear when they look at your portrait over the fireplace.

No Wait for the Right Weight

You’ll be pleased to know that we carry the most popular density paper and card stocks in-house.  Although these will typically cover any of your requirements, if a special need arises, we can quickly  obtain veritably any type of stock you may need and still meet our dispatch guarantee.

Our coated stock comes in 130gsm – 350 gsm (that’s grams per square metre, although you probably won’t weigh it) and is available in gloss, silk, or super gloss finishes.

Our uncoated stock is available in-house in 100 – 280 gsm.

Also available: A range of Recycled, Synthetic & Wedding stocks, as well as pre-cut packaging solutions. Call us to discuss your requirements.