Vinyl Stickers vs.

Static Cling Printing

Which sticker will suit you the best? Find out the advantages of our Re-positional Static Cling Vs our premium Vinyl stickers. Here at Same Day Printing we want to make sure that you get the perfect custom products to fit your offline branding needs.


Vinyl Stickers

Gloss & Matt vinyl stickers

are used for a variety of product labeling as well as window stickers and promotional handouts. They are weatherproof and can be used outdoors. Vinyl labels have good clarity, are not easily torn and will not wrinkle when exposed to moisture. 

Vinyl stickers are available with a range of adhesives, making them suitable for many surfaces and applications.

Our standard gloss and matt stickers are our most popular product - perfect for a wide range of uses from product labelling on flat and wide curves, to window stickers and promotional handouts. They have a grey blockout, air-release backing, making them easy to apply without bubbles, they cover content where needed, and they can be removed cleanly from solid surfaces like glass and metal when you are done.

But we have options for your other special needs too.

High tack vinyl stickers help to ensure your stickers stay applied hard to stick surfaces, like HDPE plastic packaging, wheelie bins, shipping containers. If the surface you are sticking to is likely to expand and contract in the heat and cold, high tack stickers are recommended. 

Polymeric stickers are designed to stick to tight curves. They're used by a lot of our clients for small cosmetic containers. Polymeric vinyl is thinner than standard vinyl - helping it to bend and stay bent around tight curves. While some people love the thinner look, its important to note that this can make them more difficult to apply.  Laminate can be added to protect from ink-lifting ingredients and to make them thicker / easier to apply. 

Floor stickers are available with adhesive and non/slip finishes for all floor types including tile, wood, carpet and concrete. 

Whatever sticker you decide on, we recommend testing a sample sticker before your order. There are litterally millions of combinations of surfaces, storage conditions, ingredients etc, so while we will do our best to point you in the right direction, you will need to confirm product suitability for your needs.

Static Cling (Re-positional)

while static clings are designed for use on flat glass surfaces like windows, doors, and mirrors.  

Used for a wide range of applications, static cling stickers are one of the most flexible promo product materials especially for short term use. Like any of our regular adhesive stickers, they come in either a gloss, or matt finish and are supplied as sheeted or singles. Their adhesive free backing feature makes them easy to apply, re-position, and remove, without leaving concern for any potential residue. 

Custom static cling stickers also known as self cling window stickers, are a great option whether you need them for short term product promos, branding, or simply showing your support to your community or a great cause. If you are looking to make a positive first impression, or your business location happens to have heavy foot or vehicle traffic, custom static cling window stickers could significantly increase your exposure and message reach.

If you need a sticker that you will be using from time to time then this is the perfect option for you as it can be removed and saved to use again another time.

Vinyl Stickers

Have a look at our vinyl gallery to see your options.

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