Static Cling Re-positional Stickers

Increase Visibility with Static Cling Window Stickers 

Static Cling Stickers are adhesive free stickers that use static to stay in place, they cling and peel amazingly on glass walls or windows. They are an ideal solution if you are looking for stickers with the peace of mind that no residue will be left behind, perfect for vehicle and storefront advertising, or product promos and discounts.

  • Exterior or interior fix
  • Will stick well to most smooth and most nonporous surfaces
  • Clear or White Static cling vinyl options
  • Fast Turnaround – from same day for some orders
  • Full colour with optional white ink process
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
Same Day Static Cling Stickers

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Spread your message with static cling stickers

Custom static cling stickers also known as self cling window stickers, are a great option whether you need them for short term product promos, branding, or simply showing your support to your community or a great cause. If you are looking to make a positive first impression, or your business location happens to have heavy foot or vehicle traffic, custom static cling window stickers could significantly increase your exposure and message reach. 

Types of static cling window stickers

Guarantee to make your branding stand out whether you are looking for white or clear static cling stickers.
For clear stickers, we have a white ink process solution that will help increase the vibrancy of your clear decals for maximum visibility.

About static cling stickers

Used for a wide range of applications, static cling stickers are one of the most flexible promo product materials especially for short term use. Like any of our regular adhesive stickers, they come in either a gloss, or matt finish and are supplied as sheeted or singles. Their adhesive free backing feature makes them easy to apply, re-position, and remove, without leaving concern for any potential residue.

Finishing styles

Sheeted:  Static cling stickers are printed and cut to specification, so almost any shape is possible. If you need a custom sheet size, or a certain number of static cling sticker per sheet, we can help.

Singles: We can supply vinyl labels as singles with a kiss cut, so your label peels off the backing in the shape of your choice. Great for give-aways or when your team need to take just one per job.

What are Static Cling Re-positional Stickers used for?

Increasing your brand and product recognition has never been easier with Static Cling Re-positional Stickers. Great for:

  • Promotions
  • Seasonal Decals
  • Glass Doors and Windows
  • Promotional Handouts
  • Mirrors
  • Car Windows

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