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Recycled Paper

vs. Sustainable Paper

While we have more and more options to ensure we do our bits to help our planet, with all the options available it can be confusing sometimes. Here's a little more info that might help you choose which Green option you want to take.

Recycled Paper vs Sustainable Paper, Which is the Green Option?

There are two types of eco friendly paper, and that is Recycled and the Sustainable paper. Both goals are ofcourse to minimise the green house gases and also to decrease the number of trees being cut down. But what are the main differences of these two types of paper? We have created a list below and also included links to help you understand the process better. 


  • 100% Virgin
  • Looks after local people affected by deforestation
  • Purpose is to protect wildlife
  • Trees that are used are chipped for easier pulping process
  • Barks can be sold for other uses, nothing is wasted
  • Chips must be cooked for the chemical pulping process but all the waste is used as fuel for the process making it self-sufficient
  • The chips will be grinded to create the fine fibre needed for the high-grade paper
  • The pulp is cleaned, whitened, drained, pressed and dried before polishing.
  • More cost effective pricing because of the less resources used during process.


Recycled Stock on the other hand, as the name suggests, is produced by using old or used material to create a new and usable stock for printing. While this also helps save more trees from being cut down, the processes it takes to convert recycled materials into usable stock are not as cost effective as Sustainable Paper as it does have to go through more production operations to prep it for future use since existing stock is involved.

  • 100% recycled
  • Collects recycled paper saving them from being clogged up in landfills.
  • Saves more new trees from being cut down* (See Sustainable Paper Stock)
  • Sorting process as not all paper is appropriate for recycling
  • Recycled paper is soaked for the process to separate the fibres
  • The ink and adhesives will then float to the surface while the pulp sinks
  • The pulp is cleaned, whitened, drained, pressed and dried before polishing.
  • About 10% more expensive for 50-80% Recycled materials
  • About 25% more expensive for 100% Recycled paper as these go through bigger processes and use up more resources and materials to produce

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