How to 

Woo Your Clients

While it’s true that online marketing efforts can pay off in the modern marketing world, offline marketing remains equally as important and effective.

Get the best of both worlds by integrating both offline and online marketing tools by going through the five (5) stages to win your clients' hearts.


One might think that digital marketing is what’s in while offline marketing is now out.

We politely but strongly disagree, offline marketing is the new black!

While it’s true that online marketing efforts can pay off in the modern marketing world, offline marketing remains equally as important and effective.

We send blogs, eBooks, email campaigns, and social media posts to reach clients, but while there are numerous articles, emails, blogs and posts now about digital overload, offline marketing can not only create more trust, it’s a tangible touch that shows your clients you care and definitely makes you more memorable.

Solutions like Direct Mail are far from dead and in fact smart businesses know that it is a proven effective medium that creates direct responses and encourages further engagement by your customers that can lead to sales.

The Data and Marketing Association reported that clients engaged with 96% of direct mail campaigns with a 9% average response rate in 2020. That’s pretty good numbers right there!

It’s easy to close a pop-up ad, delete or not even see an email due to filters, never open a downloaded eBook or brochure, or quickly scroll past adverts in an online post, however it’s more difficult to resist a well-constructed unboxing through engaging packvertising. A nicely printed and embellished ‘thank you’ card, and an easy to read hands on brochure or brandzine. What’s more, it is sharable, you don’t have to go far on social media without seeing someone sharing their unboxing experience and the wonderful thank you cards and or other creative printed offline marketing tools whether it’s for nurturing your relationship with your client, creating leads or a call to action to drive direct sales.

We don’t have to choose between the two, though. We’re not about offline vs online, we’re about a synergistic relationship, it’s a team!

Get the best of both worlds by integrating both offline and online marketing tools not only to fill the gaps of the other, create and deliver a multi-layered awesome cross media experience which you will find will help you drive higher ROMI (Return on Your Marketing Investment), and ultimately increase the profitability of your business.

Sounds too time consuming and tricky? Don’t worry, we are here to help you and your brand become simply irresistible to woo and wow your clients! In a nutshell, we will help you

Make a Fantastic First Impression

The first thing that clients see as they open any product they bought (even from online) is the box or packaging that your product needs to be delivered in. Through the packaging or packvertising as how we like to call it (which is a cost-effective way to advertise through packaging) determines what the client’s first impression of you will be. As Will Rogers once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Your packaging should attractively and consciously convey your brand to the client, so that your brand will stick in their minds, perhaps even keep it if your impact was really great. If you accomplish this, they would surely want to get to know you more.

Let Them Get to Know You

Express your brand’s depth and value through creative and printed brochures and brandzines (an educational and informative sales tool printed to persuade clients to purchase). You can include QR codes and URLs that lead to landing pages with further information and more efficiently, a call-to-action. It will help them get a better grasp on your brand and identify what else you can offer them.

Once they deem you worthy, it will be easier to proceed to the next stage.

Pull Their Heartstrings

Brands tend to send out generalised marketing messages which are not appealing to clients. Personalisation is now crucial if you want to come across as a brand that genuinely cares about your clients. You may insert ‘Thank You’ cards that specifically address them with our VDP printing to show appreciation for their support which could also contain useful details such as your social media, discount codes, and even reusability of the printed material to encourage repeat purchase. 

Receive Their "Yes"

If you are able to strategically integrate offline and online marketing tools in targeting your clients, you can only expect to get a ‘Yes’ from them through a placement of order or best, a repeat purchase. At this point, nurture them and prevent them from being swayed by your competitors.

Show Your Commitment

As challenging as it is, you must be consistent in delivering your marketing messages especially to your existing clients. In that way, they will feel cared for till they see your brand valuable to them. To do so, going back to stage one until you reach stage five once again is the key. It’s like an endless cycle while constantly squeezing in innovative and fresh ideas, so they will always be excited to hear from you.

We only want to create more wins for you and your clients, so through the stages to woo your clients, we hope that this gives you ideas in creating more effective ways to reach them.

While you’re already here, there’s no need to look further when it comes to looking for a partner to help you with your offline marketing needs (packvertising, brandzines, thank you cards, you name it). Relax and let’s make it happen.

What are friends for, right?

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