Same Day Printing Embellishment Options

"Elevate your ordinary design into extra-ordinary."

Add embellishments to your prints to showcase your creativity and decorative details. Make your prints stand out and keep it attractive.

This feature is best to present your offline marketing materials as it adds aesthetic value and high quality characteristics to attract more clients and customers. The definition of embellishments is literally, to add or change something to make it more interesting and exciting, It’s the perfect combo for your marketing solution!


Urgent Gloss Laminated Vinyl sticker Melbourne




Protect your custom printed products from Stains, Spills and Smudges
The Lamination process is basically two pieces of clear plastic film that is bonded with the product or custom print in between to add a layer of protection and or finish.

Transparent films can add strength, firmness and protection, extending the quality and durability of the printed pieces. Lamination can also boost the appearance of the printed piece by boosting and improving the colours of the ink.

Lamination adds strength to print materials being a best option to add for materials that will be frequently used. It can also add a coat of protection from smudges, stains, water, fingerprints, wrinkles, abrasions, oil, grease, dust, dirt and moisture. The images or appearance of the printed materials are enhanced and creates a more presentable and professional printed product. The stiffens that comes with lamination sends out an impression of high quality products and importance compared to regular non laminated materials, and lastly, lamination is completely cost effective because of how this can increase the durability of printed materials, it can and will cut costs for reprinting.

Are you looking for your offline marketing to standout from your competition and grab your clients or prospects attention? If your here, of course you are, and you have come to the right place.

Our digital foiling solution may be just what your looking for to change your offline marketing from ordinary to extraordinary!

Digital foiling requires no custom dies reducing the set-up costs considerably and is an enhancement that bonds metallic foil to card or paper materials. Foil is a handsomely crisp and iridescent surface finish, which adds bold contrast making the foiled content stand out from the rest of the product.

Adding foil to business cards is one of the common requests of clients who want to create a statement and a sense of stature and extravagance; it produces a sophisticated touch to your product and adds emphasis to the foiled areas.

Die cutting is an extremely versatile way to create unique results.
When we mention die-cutting, we refer to the art of cutting out intricate shapes in one clear-cut swoop, with the usage of metal cutting shapes called dies.

This is to achieve the custom shape you desire for your printed products.

A die cut business card, postcard, brochure, book cover or even product packaging has the advantage of being unique and eye-catching helping you stand out from the crowd creating unusual pieces that are unique to your brand.

Die cut products are often more aesthetically pleasing and likely to intrigue customers because of their unusual shape, size, and appearance. Shapes can range from a simple card with rounded corners, pop-ups, reveal windows to an intricate piece with fine details.

Make a bold statement, create standout effects and add attention grabbing accents across your offline marketing material including Flyers, Marketing Cards, Brochures, Brandzines, Shelf Wobblers / Talkers, Product Packaging, Labels, Stickers, Drink Coasters and more.

Neon Yellow and Pink is ideal for your branding, safety applications, packaging and or highlighting promotions.

With our Ricoh C7200x's  5th colour capability Neon Yellow and Pink are a welcome addition to our range of embellishments  allowing us to produce some awesome effects to help you stand out from your competitors, capture more attention and create more leads.

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Neon Pink Printed on Shelf Talkers - Same Day Printing Melbourne
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Neon Pink Printed on Shelf Talkers - Same Day Printing Melbourne

Wobblers & Shelf Talkers

You would like to introduce a new in-store promotion to help create more enquiries and sales?

Express Bookmark Printing Melbourne


Are you launching a book?
Do you have a course and or conference your promoting?

Strut Cards

Need to get your message across with a small surface space? Try our strut cards. A cost effective desk and shelf. 


Standee’s are a great point of sales and offline marketing solution.

Custom Swing Tags

Swing Tags

Drilled ready for your hanging solution. Lamination, Foiling and specialty finishing options.

Custom Express Bottle Neckers

Bottle Neckers

Perfect for promo items, customer referrals, seasonal sales and discount advertising.

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