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Going for an aesthetic but natural look? Light up your business cards with our quality kraft classic business card. Our standard size and shapes can be perfect to fit your branding specially in promoting eco-friendly materials. Simple but classy is one of the main characteristics for choosing the classic Kraft business card.

Set your business apart with natural board Classic Business Cards. We can print and dispatch yours today!

Same Day Printing - Cllassic 90mmx55mm Business Cards

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Would you like to explore additional finishes to help your kraft classic business cards stand out?

We have a large range of finishes available for our fast kraft classic business card printing services - you can access all of these including colour foil business cards, scodix business cards, spot uv business cards, white inks, cmyk full colours, classic, stadard sizes, custom and more at our main business card menu page.

Why White Ink on Kraft Buffalo stock? 


Earthy and Rustic


White Ink Only 

Simple and Elegant 


White Ink + CMYK Process

Make it POP


As Kraft is not white, printing on Kraft the colour interacts with the brown stock resulting in a different colour outcome than if you print on white. We do not advise or recommend the use of light or transparent colours, as they will not stand out on this stock. For a pleasing outcome, all colours should be dark solids.

White Ink is our specialty fifth colour process which can help you take your kraft business card design to a whole new level of creativity. 

Please don't get us wrong, some people love the more subtle and rustic look of black and / or cmyk only on kraft stock. With the right designs for the right products this can be the right solution.

Traditional full colour CMYK print on natural kraft board

Full colour printing processes use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink or toner (CMYK). Designed to be printed on a white base, CMYK colours are translucent so they can combine to achieve different colours and effects. As they are translucent (think coloured glass), when printing on a white card colours look solid and bright - but when printed on a coloured base like kraft stock, colours blend with the natural board colour.

Colours darker than the board will generally appear solid, but darker/ less vibrant than they would appear on white.

Colours lighter than the board for instance yellows or light shades may not be visible, or may look more like a watermark rather than a solid feel.

It is important to remember that white elements in standard CMYK designs have no ink/toner applied, showing just the white card underneath, so when these designs are printed on kraft card, they will have no fill and the kraft card will show in these areas.

Adding a white base for vibrancy

But what if you want more pop and vibrancy!

When you want your colours to pop off specialty coloured stock like brown earth looking Kraft stock, and / or you want to include white elements in your design, our specialty white ink option will help achieve the look you're after. 

By adding white as the fifth colour in the CMYK printing process, you can not only have white in your design, you can use it as a base layer to create more vibrant, and bright colours on coloured paper stocks.

*** NO TRANSPARENT COLOURS *** when printing with white ink all colours need to be set to 100% opacity. Transparent elements in designs will not work with white ink  

What are Kraft Business Cards used for?

Kraft Classic Business card remain the most common and useful way for people to hold onto your details. They are commonly made available 

  • as Loyalty Cards
  • as Appointment Cards
  • at Meetings & Networking Events
  • on Front Counter
  • with Quotes or Proposals

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