Working with Brand Guidelines

Need your graphic design & marketing to conform to existing Brand Guidelines?

With experience managing marketing and communication requirements of some of Australia’s largest organisations, our creative team are well placed to help you develop marketing collateral that meets your guidelines.

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Having Brand Guidelines puts the power in your promotions

The first and, perhaps the single most important, ingredient for effective advertising is establishing Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guidelines are no more than a set of rules that are created by or for your company that define things that need to be included or excluded from your advertising.  These are things that consistently identify who you are so that you are readily distinguished by your customers and prospects.

Some of the items that need to be included in your graphic design guidelines are standardisation of colours, typography, photography, signage, layout, and presentation of company values and the “big idea” that your company is all about.  There are many more things to be considered.   The problem is that many companies simply don’t realise the need to establish Brand Guidelines.  Or, if they do understand the concept, many do not know where to begin.

The best time to establish Brand Guidelines is when you start your business, before you ever open your doors.  But, there is never a bad time to create them if you haven’t already.

The Same Day Printing Creative Team knows how to create and format a complete set of custom branding guidelines for your business.  We can help you improve the effectiveness of your advertising, from business cards to banners, and show you how to ensure compliance with those guidelines throughout your entire business and across all advertising campaigns.

Let us help you make your branding and advertising more effective.  Call today.  We’re here to help you.

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