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Want an easy and effective way to decorate and then clean up afterwards? Christmas Window Stickers go up easily and peel off cleanly after your promotion.

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Add some color and design to products, packaging, vehicles, windows, walls, floors, and more!

A sticker is a kind of label that could be a printed piece of paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with pressure complex adhesive on one side. They can be used for decoration or for practical purposes.
Stickers vary in different shapes, forms and sizes and also have a wide range of options for colour and design. They are often utilized for items such as products, personal belongings, lunchboxes, paper, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, and so on.
Stickers help to identify with branding, specially when used for labels and packaging and are a convenient way to add professional finished to products, bottles, paper bags and more, adding to the aesthetic value of an item.
There are a wide range of options for sticker printing available at Same Day Printing, we have stickers that are made for sticking to windows to label offices and doors with logos or tag lines. We also have big format stickers for bigger windows and doors specially the stickers that add privacy to a facility built with glass doors and windows. Our Frosted and One-Way stickers are usually the best options to cover up glass surfaces.

We can also do static cling stickers for glass surfaces as well, but being different from our regular stickers, static clings can be reused and re-positioned without the adhesive running out. These are however only made to stick to glass or window surfaces. Best option for those who like to move things around often.

Lastly we have our regular stickers that you can choose from. You can choose from paper, vinyl or clear stickers, and they can be custom designed, shaped and printed with the design and finish of your choice. We generally have three kinds of prints for sticker cut printing that you can choose from, shape cut, die cut, and cut lettering. These are the best seller stickers as they are often ordered to label products, packaging, paper bags, envelopes, bumpers, boxes, and more! For bulk orders you may also request for them to be printed on rolls or sheets instead of singles.

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