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In Technical terminologies of printing, you will definitely bump into terms like Weeding and Cutline. You may be familiar with these already, but for a deeper dive, read more below.


What exactly is Weeding?

If you've been around printing especially profile cuts and cut lettering stickers or decals, you've probably heard the term "weeding."  Not familiar with this term yet? Don't worry! After reading this page, you'll understand how to weed vinyl, what to weed, and how to weed like a pro.

What is the best way to Weed Vinyl?

Weeding vinyl is the process of removing elements from your prints that you don't want. This area is also known as the negative area. Since weeding is usually necessary for more intricate designed prints, it also requires attention to detail and extra care when it comes to plucking out the stuff you don't want. 

Below are some videos to help you see our weeding process.

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Cutline and Weeding - Same Day Printing

How to Weed Vinyl: 5 must-know tips

TIP 1 

When cutting, use a sharp blade. This tip emphasizes the need of being prepared before starting to weed. Make sure your cutting machine's blade isn't dull. You will not achieve accurate cuts if you use a dull blade, and the vinyl may tear as you begin to weed it.


Use a weeding tool, Anything having a sharp tip, such as a straight pin or tweezers can be used. Begin pulling extra vinyl from the corner of your design using your tool. Remove all of the vinyl until you're left with just your design.


Make use of a light pad. Place your vinyl on a light pad if you're having difficulties seeing the cut lines. The light will shine through your design, Allowing you to see the cut line more clearly.


Trim away any extra Vinyl. Cut off the extra vinyl as you proceed across your pattern once you've started weeding. If the extra vinyl is not trimmed off, the exposed adhesive side might stick to your design and pull it away from the backing. Cut away the excess gently and carefully.


Keep your vinyl on the mat when weeding unless you're using a light pad. This prevents your vinyl from rolling up while you're attempting to weed.

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