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Create one-to-one Dialogue with Customers through suave use of Variable Data Printing, addresses, images and text elements. Same Day Printing Can help you make it Happen.

What is Variable  Data Printing or VDP?

Variable Data Printing or VDP is another one of the most efficient forms of Digital Printing when it comes to producing unique and varying elements in individual prints.

This is made possible by organising the varying artwork and information on a database or external file which is then used as a source when printing. One example would be if you are needing invitation cards with the same basic layout but with a unique QR code for each guest, for this specific need - VDP would be the way to go.

Variable Data Printing is mostly used when marketing directly to potential clients, nurturing the customer-business relationship, invoicing, and applying personalisation on brochures, postcards, or mail campaigns.

Personalised or Variable Data Printing (VDP) at the same speed as any ordinary print job.  Available at Same Day Printing.

Whether you need to personalise, sequential number, or sequential barcode, we can apply Variable Data Printing to letters, invites, brochures, stickers and more.

Variable Data Printing Design Ideas

  • Kicking off with the basics by including your recipient’s name to grab attention 
  • Use a Personalised URL (pURL) for recipient relevancy and tracking
  • Provide a specific and different offer to each client or prospect
  • Feature contact information even including a map relevant to the area
  • Preprint response cards so customers have less to fill out
  • Target customers based on past purchases

We can help you apply VDP  and personalise a large range of different printed solutions to help you tailor your marketing to specific customers from:

  • Postcards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Brochures
  • Custom booklets
  • Menus
  • And more!

Tips & Tricks

You can supply your artwork ready to go – or just provide us with a design brief and spreadsheet and we will do the rest.

Variable Data Printing - Personalise Postcards
VIP-Pass-Card-Personalise- Same Day Printing
Tradies 2020 Same Day Printing
Food Gift Vouchers Printing - Sameday
Recycled Cardstocks -Business Cards Express Printing
LJ-Hooker - Drink Coaster on Black Card
Wall Calendars - Saddle Stitched - Same Day Printing
Letterhead Custom Printing - Same Day Printing Services
Easter 2020 Greeting Cards Same Day Printing
Tradies 2020 Same Day Printing
Express Synthetic Poster Printing Melbourne
Saddle Stitched Booklet Printing Same Day
Data Variable Printing appreciation card - Same Day

Why personalise your printing?

Some of the key, core marketing objectives for which companies are using Personalised Printing include:

  • Improved Quality and Increased Quantity of Sales Leads
  • Driving Direct Orders
  • Improving Traffic Generation
  • Gathering More Specific Client Data
  • Client Acquisition, Retention & Renewal 
  • True Loyalty Campaigns

Variable Data Printing can be applied to:

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