Tips for Submitting

your artwork files

We want nothing but to provide you the best quality output, so here is a checklist to ensure that your artwork is good to go! Don’t worry, this is easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Tip No. 1  - Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Adobe illustrator - SameDay Printing

For the highest quality output, you must have used the best tools to create them.

To check, you can use Adobe Illustrator for any issues in your artwork. Don’t forget that it needs to be saved in VECTOR format (Ai, PDF, EPS) with at least 300dpi resolution.

Tip No. 2  - Be sure to check the Letter / Artwork Thickness

Check the letter or Artwork thickness - SameDay Printing

No important detail will be wasted if you are on the minimum print size.

You should keep in mind that the smallest font size in your artwork should be 4pt. For your sticker design, the element thickness should be at least 2mm. For apparels (heat transfer), the element thickness should be at least 1mm.

Tip No. 3  - Check for objects that you don't want printed

Check object - SameDay Printing

Avoid unwanted backgrounds, hidden objects, and cut lines by getting rid of them.

Let’s go for clean outputs.

Tip No. 4  - Outline your active text

Outline your active text - SameDay Printing

To keep your carefully chosen fonts, make sure that you have outlined all the texts.

Shortcut Tip:

Adobe Illustrator - Ctrl + Shift + O

Please note that your file needs to be a vector (Ai, PDF or EPS) and at least  300dpi resolution.

We are not able to accept raster/image files saved in a vector file type. We will charge a $132.00 for the recreation fee if you do not have a vector file.

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