Stand Up and Stand Out

Are you constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and or your competitors?

Do you have a team who work face to face with your customers?

Have you thought about custom promo wear?

Promotional apparel can be a powerful marketing and branding tool to add to your Marketing Too Box to help promote your business. For example custom printed Tees, Hats, Aprons and yes even shoes can be a great opportunity to help you promote and or educate your customers on what you have to offer and with some clever creative you can by stylish and or have fun while doing it.

As you may be aware, it takes multiple touch points for client to become familiar with a brand and to stay front of mind, good marketing managers and teams really know that the value that promo wear can add to the marketing mix even if it just has your business name and logo.

Promo wear can attract attention and act as conversation starters with the real live person in them.

Can you prospects or customers ask a flyer, a poster or a billboard a question right there and then about a product, service or offer that you have available. But with the power of custom printed apparel, they can ask one of your team about the company after spotting an eye-catching shirt, Apron, jacket, jersey, umbrella or even their shoes!

Below are just some of the great ways that some of our clients are already using custom printed apparel to promote their businesses.

  • Every Day wear Employee Uniforms (Shirts, Jackets, Jumpers, Hoodies, Shorts, Ties and even shoes)
  • Special Event Apparel for Trade Shows, Conferences and event sponsorship (i.e. Hats, Aprons, Umbrella’s)
  • Team Sporting Event Clothing (Jerseys, Tee’s, Polo’s, Singlets, Hats and even Morph suits)
  • Giveaways.

Promo wear is a great marketing tool if your looking for ways to stand out from the competitive crowd.

Remember, even when time is short, don’t miss out on an opportunity to promote your business.

Wishing you all the best for creating and actioning effective and efficient marketing in your business.


Tom Dickson

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