Specialty Stock

Looking for that special, something-extra that will make your presentation stand out versus your competitors?  Something that will keep your customers thinking about you long after your event is over?  Or something just to make life easier for you or your clients?  You might find your solution amongst our specialty stocks.

For instance, have you considered using:


A DocuCard is a patented, specially-manufactured, synthetic stock measuring 86 x 54mm and only 178 microns thick.  The 120 gsm, long grain, synthetic material is extraordinarily water, heat, tear, and wear resistant.  Printable on both sides, DocuCards are the ideal solution for ID cards, membership cards, or loyalty cards.  Our design and print professionals can help create a distinctive and impressive card to fit your specific needs.


“Honey, what’s the number of the Pizza place?”

“It’s right there on the fridge, Dear.”

If you want to keep your message, your logo, your phone number, or even your face in front of your customers, think about putting them on DocuMagnets.  You know exactly were they will put them — on their refrigerator.  That’s a place they’ll visit several times a day.  And every time they do, they’ll see you.  DocuMagnets are DocuCards with implants.  (Magnetic implants).  Featuring the same durable synthetic construction and available in coated or uncoated versions, these adverts will “hang around” your customers’ homes and offices for a long time.  When they need to call you, there’s no need to search for your number, it’s right there where it seems it has always been.

NCR Paper


Paper is not known its for durability.  Think of the times your printed matter, such as signage, tags, charts,  price lists, or archived documents could not stand up to constant handling, spills, or damp or dirty environments.  And how do you clean it once it’s dirty?  When the printed matter represents YOU, the imprint of a coffee mug on an otherwise well-presented document can be personally embarassing.  You can avoid this problem by using patented Nevertear for printed matter that you want to preserve looking as if it were hot off the press.

Nevertear is a high-white, synthetic product that looks and feels like paper, but is tear-proof, waterproof, and grease-proof.  Grease and stains wipe right off.  This unique stock is virtually indestructible and is so durable that it does not need lamination for protection or preservation.  Once you use Nevertear, you may never use paper again.

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