Service Area

Do you live in Australia?  Great!  You live in our Service Area!  And we offer Fixed Price Delivery at just $15 for most orders!  Wherever you are located in-country, we can do your printing and dispatch it quickly.

(Perhaps we should break that down just a bit.)


Welcome to the digital age.  It gives you access to our services wherever you may be in Australia.  Simply call us on (03) 1300 663 242 or place your order right here on our website.  With internet and digital technology we can have your project and specifications in-hand in minutes.  In the unlikely event that you choose to call when our team members are busy with other clients, please leave a message.  We will return your call within 30 minutes.  We’re in the office to take calls from 7.00 am until 5:30 pm, but if you need to call outside of those hours, please do so and leave your message.  We’ll return your call or email you by 8.30 the next business day – or at a time that you specify is convenient for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Melbourne or Perth.  The phones and the internet are here for your convenience.

Delivery – from Just $15 Anywhere in Australia*

For our Melbourne Metro area customers we offer 3-4 hour deliver by an independent courier service.  The $15 charge is applicable for parcels up to 20kg and under 90cm in length.  3-4 hours is the average delivery time for this service.  Delivery times could vary depending on location and traffic conditions.

For our Regional & Interstate customers the $15 charge applies to parcels up to A3 size and 5kg shipped by Australia Post.

It doesn’t matter where you are.  We are here for you!

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