with Borders

Borders are a quite common request when it comes to printing, however being in the printing industry we cannot fully recommend this kind of design. You might be wondering why that is. Here's a short explanation and a few examples why.

Imagine There’s No Borders

Due to the nature of print, there is an inevitable possibility of movement. As there can be up to +/- 2mm movement in any print and cut process (+/-1mm for vinyl products) we need to highlight the possibility that borders will look uneven on the final product.

This may not be the case or may be minimal, however, it is possible, so we highlight it during the design phase so you are aware before print.

If you choose to retain borders in the design we strongly recommend them to be inset at least 5mm so movement is less noticeable. But note that with 5mm inset borders, should there be +/- 2mm movement during production, this would result in a 3mm border one side and 7mm border the other side of the print.

NOTE: Same Day printing does not print items with borders on both sides of the print. Cards with borders on both sides as the result will be uneven borders on one or both sides and the unevenness may be different on each side.

In the examples below:  Without border the shift is barely noticeable. While On right postcard with the border, the whole thing looks off.

Without Border

With Border

What Does Shifting Mean?

From a dictionary perspective to "Shift" means to move or cause movement from one place to another. It can also mean a slight change in position, tendency, or direction. In the world of printing, "Shifting" is a term used to describe how our prints can move slightly from our sheets to the next. Learn more click here.

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