One step closer to having a deeper and meaningful connection with your customers, partners, and colleagues. Make sure that your doing everything right to capture their attention as a whole and individually with Personalised printing.

“It’s not personal.  It’s business.”

The Digital Age has changed the rules of business. If you don’t take advantage of the personalisation tools that have become available through digital technology, you can count on one thing: Your competitors will.  And they will eventually turn your clients into theirs.

Why are companies around the world using Personalised Printing?

Businesses and Companies all around the world are using Personalised Printing also known as

  1. Variable Data Printing and 
  2. One-to-One Marketing

to refine their marketing approach, driving down long-term spending and improving customer satisfaction and repeat sales.  In a nutshell, they are getting a better return on their investment for their marketing spending.

Some of the key, core marketing objectives for which companies are using Personalised Printing include:

  • Improved Quality and Increased Quantity of Sales Leads
  • Driving Direct Orders
  • Improving Traffic Generation
  • Gathering More Specific Client Data
  • True Loyalty Campaigns
  • Client Acquisition, Retention, & Renewal
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Profits

What is Personalised Printing?

Personalised Printing uses data that you already have about your customers or prospects and can be as simple as creating customer-specific text like "Dear Tom" right through to variable content and graphics that your prospect or client will find relevant into a page layout created especially for your project.  Each printed version is customised, containing unique information directed at a particular recipient.

Utilising industry leading image personalisation software, Same Day Printing can help you to target your direct marketing campaigns like never before.

Do I need a lot of detail on my contact list to benefit from personalised print run?

No. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with even the most basic data like name and address.

Where you do not have a lot of specific information on a contact, we can gain their attention by integrating their name or company name into an image, relevant to your market, that draws interest, inspiration, or intrigue.  We can thread the contact’s name throughout the content and even include a map that directs them to your office, store, or event from their location.

While data is important, one of the key benefits of Personalised Printing is its ability to be one to one integrating tailored response mechanisms that build upon the data you have with each communication.

Why is Personalised Printing and One-to-One Marketing so successful?

With the content of each mail piece addressing each recipient’s specific interests and concerns, you can be sure that, when they see your correspondence, it will be immediately relevant, sparking interest, and increasing response rates.  Developing an ongoing conversation with your customers & contacts, personalised marketing helps you:

  • Create one-to-one dialogue with your audience
  • Cut through the clutter and hold your target’s attention with variable images and customised graphics and messages
  • Foster loyal relationships with relevant, personal communications
  • Integrate tracking mechanisms in your campaign
  • Adjust future messaging and offers based on past results

Personalised direct mail campaigns provide uniquely individualised messages that generate attention, heightened response rates (often over 35%), improved brand recognition, and substantial increases of return on investment.

Why use Same Day Printing to help?

Gone are the days of wastage and lost opportunity where direct marketing was restricted to printing thousands of the same generic flyer or postcard, possibly personalised with a name and address, and hoping that some of them hit the mark.  

Plus it's not just limited to flyers and postcards, personalised variable data digital printing can be applied to virtually any offline printed marketing product including

  • Flyers and Postcards
  • Thank you & Greeting Cards
  • Brochures
  • Vouchers
  • Books
  • Brandzines
  • Bottle Neckers
  • Box Sleeves
  • Boxes
  • Drink Coasters
  • Coffee Cup Sleeves
  • and so much more

Working with your data list, Same Day Printing can target your audiences and individualise content and images to align with elements like age, gender, and buying preferences.

Standard personalisation elements such as name and address can be used in the traditional way or built upon to further captivate your audience by embedding their names in images or providing a map from their location to the address of your store, office, or event.

How to create better ROMI with One to One Marketing

  • Ensure you segment your database. Don’t just personalise your chosen marketing piece with say the persons name, by segmenting your database your can generate a better ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) developing a targeted message for each one. 
  • Create your cross media marketing approach with your offline and online marketing by encouraging the recipient to go to a specific landing page on your website including using mobile tools like QR Codes. You can step it up even more with a Personal URL (PURL)  which is a next level way of helping drive traffic to a website, we all like to see our name, imagine your client heading online and seeing a landing page personalised with their name. It can certainly help improve your response rates by making an individual feel like your speaking to them directly. 
  • Provide a win-win and include a personalised coupon and scrap the expiration date if you can. The offer on your Vouchers, Tear Cards and Coupons can also be tailored to the recipient, based on previous purchases, known interests and or say their annual spend with you. 
  • Do you have a bricks and mortar location? Did you know you can even drive traffic to your store locations through including a personalised map of the closest store to your prospect or clients address? 
  • Create a consistent... actually awesome customer experience by having someone on your team or even a team depending on the size of the campaign ready, willing and able to handle the enquiries your personalised marketing campaign will create, after all marketing gets them to the door and sales gets them through the door. 
  • While it is a possibility, we all know there is no silver bullet in marketing and wouldn't it be wonderful if one marketing touch point created a conversion. From the initial personalised printed piece you've sent, you can and should follow-up with either a phone call, EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) and or another direct mail piece especially to anyone that visited the PURL your created. If your prospect is showing some interest by making the effort to visit the PURL don't disappoint them and even surprise and delight through following up with a more compelling personalised message.
  • Provide a win-win and include a personalised coupon and scrap the expiration date if you can. The offer on your Vouchers, Tear Cards and Coupons can also be tailored to the recipient, based on previous purchases, known interests and or say their annual spend with you. 
  • Ensure you monitor, measure and manage any direct mail campaigns especially personalised campaigns as you've invested time and money and don't be penny wise and pound foolish, these campaigns still require work. If it was as simple as print it, send it and kick back and wait for the sales to come in, everyone would be doing it. Thankfully it's not.

With in-house marketing and communication expertise you can feel comfortable that we understand the marketing objectives behind your project.

Personalised marketing has been proven time and time again to provide a much higher return on investment than traditional direct marketing, but it does require more strategic thinking to ensure you get the most from your project.

When running a personalised print campaign with Same Day Printing, you will work with a dedicated account representative who is up to date with what is happening in the marketplace and who can provide feedback and advice as to what is possible and achievable to make the most of your budget.

Image personalisation specialists

With Same Day Printing on your team, personalisation of images is limited only to your imagination.  We can do anything from incorporating personal names and numbers on the back of an image of a football jersey to writing a name in “icing” on a photo of a birthday cake, or even appearing to write a name in the sand or sky – all dynamically and on one print run.

Like we said, the options are limitless!

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