Our Guarantee

Same Day Printing Our Worryless Guarantee

Our digital print guarantee keeps you worry-free!

It’s really quite simple.  We guarantee that we will dispatch your digital print orders on-time, exactly as agreed.  If it’s not on time – it’s on us.

Even before you place your print job with us, we’ll take the worry out by including a specific, agreed-upon, dispatch time with our quote.  You can be confident that your order will be completed and dispatched on time.

For Same Day Service, all we ask is that you confirm your order with payment and submit your print-ready artwork to us before 10.00 am.

Whilst the print process is dependent on a number of things such as order type and size, or special design or copy requirements, we pride ourselves on providing a large range of services and getting jobs out when promised. Every print job has its own peculiarities, so some take longer than others.  Regardless of the job, when we give you a dispatch time, your order will be ready at that time, as promised.  We guarantee it.

Our Guarantee is not a gimmick for sales, it’s a guarantee of satisfaction.

Here’s the “fine print”:  In the unlikely event that we believe we are unable to meet your deadline expectations whilst still providing superior quality product, we reserve the right to decline the job.  In the even more unlikely event that we fail to meet a dispatch deadline on any item – we’ll give you a print credit equal to the entire value of your order for that item, up to a maximum $200.

Please note that while we use several very reliable same day and next day courier services and solutions from time to time even for reasons outside their control, deliveries can be delayed due to weather conditions, traffic jams and on the odd occasion vehicles breaking down.

So if you need it absolutely by a specific time, please let us know asap and we can certainly see how we can help. Apart from standard same day and next day courier options, we have direct couriers, VIP Couriers, popping it in a cab or uber, we have organised “Next Flight” delivery and on the rare occasion we have even jumped in the car ourselves and driven 5 hours to deliver a job!

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