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Opaque vs. Clear stickers: Which one suits your needs best?

if you’re trying to think of a catchy way to keep your brand relevant and build its exposure towards the market, then stickers just might be the solution for you. These printed pieces are incredibly versatile and easy to use to make any plain looking surface appear more attractive to the eye.

We have different cut styles as well as opacity levels to tailor everything to your utmost satisfaction. Because stickers are so multifaceted - we can have them done for you in.

Die-Cut is a custom shape that is tailored to your logo’s outline or any shape that you prefer. This is an awesome cut style to make your branding fit seamlessly on any surface.

Square-Cut as the name suggests, has a square base with the design slapped onto the middle. What’s great about this cut is that it is much more apparent on decorated surfaces.

An Opaque Decals will give your stickers a solid color background and outline - this white ink level will assure that your sticker design is more prominently displayed when slapped on a decorated surface.

Clear with Full White Ink Level applies your design in full-colour and follows the outline with a clear background - making your stickers blend in with its surrounding surface without compromising the color’s opaqueness.

Clear Partial White ink level has a more transparent finish and still reflects some of the white color in your design. This level works great if you’re planning to slap your stickers on plain surfaces.

Clear No White ink level are almost completely transparent - only showing non-white colors as they appear on the sticker alone. These are useful if you want to keep the contents behind the designated surface visible along with the sticker.


opaque-w-square-cut - Same Day Printing


with Square-Cut

clear-full-white-ink-with-square-cut - Same Day Printing

Clear Full White Ink

with Square-Cut

clear-no-white-ink-with-square-cut - Same Day Printing

Clear No White Ink

with Square-Cut


opaque-with-die-cut - Same Day Printing


with Die-Cut

clear-ful-white-ink-with-die-cut -Same Day Printing

Clear Full White Ink

with Die-Cut

clear-no-white-ink-with-die-cut - Same Day Printing

Clear No White Ink

with Die-Cut

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