Monday Marketing – Be visible!

Think about how you can brand various parts of your business to help you stand out from the competitive crowd.

Below are just 7 tips on areas that we think are very good ones for you to consider to help be more visible not only with your existing clients but will also to help gain the attention of new prospects.

  •  Do you have a bricks and mortar office or building and do you have signage? 

If so, is your signage up to date with your current brand, does it present well, is it prominent? If you happen to be in a location where you can’t have permanent signage, what about A-frames, pop-up banners or even your sign written vehicle parked in a great spot.

  • Are you using pop-up banners, internal point of sale (POS) signage or posters whenever you can in your reception or areas where your clients visit or meet with you? 

This is a great way to promote what you do and how you can help, current offers you have or even upcoming events and trade shows that you are attending. Remember POS is not just for retail businesses, it can be done quite well in most businesses.

  • Do you have branding on your car? 

If you don’t have the budget for a full vehicle wrap or (you don’t want it to be permanent because you like being incognito on the weekend), then have a think about car magnets or even some sort of branding on you sun visor when parked. Plus, what about personalised plates, this can be a great way to draw attention and tie in with what you do.

  • What are you and your team wearing; can your staff wear uniforms?

Uniforms can be as simple as an embroiding / printing your logo on a shirt, right through to full colour printed t-shirts, safety jackets / vests, aprons and caps. 

  • Have you created a branded email signature?  

This is are real quick and inexpensive way to get you brand out there. People often forward emails on to other people, and this way you stand out when they scroll down.

  •  Do you have a regular newsletter that is going out to your existing clients, how good is your branding on it? 

Remember an email or printed newsletter does not have to be every week or even every month, just make sure that you are delivering great valuable content on a regular basis that your clients will love to receive. How often really depends on your industry, but probably don’t leave it longer than every 90 days.

  • Have you thought about branded promotional items? 

You have your standard but still great and effective items like pens, rulers, notepads, calendars but it is amazing what you can get branded these days so have a look for something that your clients will love to receive and if you can create one that they will hold onto for an extended period of time that helps keep you front of mind.

Alright, just one more for you to consider.

  •  Do you have branding on the products or anything you send out? 

Have you thought about product packaging which can be branded boxes, branded wrapping paper, branded packaging tape or as cost effective as stickers placed on the product or packaging that not only attract the receivers attention, but may also attract the attention of those who might handle it on the way through?

Now to deal with the elephant in the room, I know, we all deal with the almighty budget, but it is important to always remember that marketing is in an investment and is about attracting potential clients and generating enquiries, start by working on just one of the above.

Ensure that whatever you do helps communicate clearly and effectively who you are and what you deliver, looks professional and that it is consistent with your other marketing collateral.

You can never have your brand visible in enough in the right places in front of the right people.

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