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The best ways

to fold Brochures

Familiarise yourself with our wide range of brochures and the different types of folds or pages that will suit your offline marketing solutions perfectly.

When running a business, brand or any kind of event it's vital to keep your target market informed and interested in what you are representing.

Aside from our other great offline marketing solutions, Brochures are one way to ensure all the information they need is handy and right at their fingertips wherever and whenever.

What we love about our brochure options is that we offer the complete set of options to fit what you need. You can choose the number of pages, and the quality, texture and thickness of your brochure.

With brochures you can keep it simple or go the other way and make it flashy, we will capture your target market either-way.

4pp Bi-fold Brochure Printing -sdp

4PP, Bi-Fold or Half Fold

This is exactly what it says – your item is folded in half to create a booklet. It is the simplest type of folding, and is typically A3 folded to A4, or A4 folded to A5.

These are best used if you are starting a new business or showcasing a new product, as the two internal panels are perfect for telling a story or highlighting key messages. It is also a good option if you have a lot of text or large beautiful images

Need something plain and simple? Here’s our Bi-Fold brochure, simple and straight to the point. There’s a lot you can do with one fold and 4 pages. Get started on yours today with our express printing services send us your details today.

Tri-fold Brochures Printing - Sameday Printing - sdp

6PP or Tri-Fold

This is probably one of the most common types of folds, and it is when your sheet is divided into three parts. Both the left and right panels are folded inwards on top of the centre panel, normally with the right under the left.

There is less space to use for each panel, so it’s advisable to keep your content to a minimum to avoid clutter. However, it means that you can really make an impact with some eye catching elements and design.

Level up with our Tri-Fold stocks! Utilize your offline marketing catalogues, pricings, menus, details and more with our 6 page brochure! It’s important to ensure that quality is presented along with the contents of your brand.

4pp Brochure Printing

8PP or Quad-Fold

Here's the one you're looking for if you want a jampacked brochure with complete details and even pictures to represent your brand. 8 pages will surely be enough to showcase what you offer.

This is the best option for informative and luxury marketing purposes, you can even use this type as take out menus or product lists to include in your delivery packages to clients.

Iron Cross Fold

some text here

Gate Fold Brochure Printing - SDP

Gate Fold

The Gate fold is a little less popular, which in itself can make an impact for your customers. This is when the paper is divided into three parts, with the middle section two times larger than the side sections.

The two side sections open just like a gate. This style of brochure is more expensive than its tri-fold counterpart, so it is suited for luxury or high end customers, or if you simply want to make a big impact.

Roll Fold Brochure Printing - SDP

Roll Fold

This style uses 8 panels that rolls or folds into a spiral. It is best used for promotional books, or if you have enough information to fill 8 panels. It is also a good option if you want a perforation for a voucher or coupon.

Z-fold Brochure Printing - SDP

Z Fold (zig-zag or accordion fold)

The Z fold is another popular style of brochure folds, and is similar to the tri-fold, but instead of folding inwards, it folds into a Z shape.

If you have more information than can fit on the tri-fold, this may be a better option, as the information can run across all three sections, rather than having to unfold panels to read.

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