Be vividly colourful with fluorescent neon ink printing

neon colours - Make a bold statement, create standout effects and add attention grabbing accents across your offline marketing material.

including: Flyers, Marketing Cards, Brochures, Brandzines, Shelf Wobblers / Talkers, Product Packaging, Labels, Stickers, Drink Coasters and more



Neon Yellow is ideal for your branding, safety applications, packaging and or highlighting promotions.

With our Ricoh C7200x's  5th colour capability Neon Yellow*

 is a welcome addition to our range of embellishments  allowing us to produce some awesome effects to help you stand out from your competitors, capture more attention and create more leads.

Previously Neon when produced through traditional offset printing processes involved extensive set up, multiple passes, long run requirements and more time intensive drying, making this speciality  neon colour out of reach for many of our clients.

Now with the inclusion of neon in our digital printing processes we can help you achieve vibrant neon results in short runs and at much lower investment allowing you to trade the typical for the colourful when creating your marketing material.



Create print marketing materials in shocking neon ideal for point-of-purchase, direct mail campaigns and product packaging.

plus with Neon Pink we can expand the range of oranges we can produce allowing us to better match brand colours by utilising unique neon blends.

Using Neon Pink in your marketing materials 

 gives you the flexibility to produce stand-out from the crowd neon for you offline marketing promotions and sales.

Ask us today how we can help you capture more attention in the mail, your in store promotions, at your next trade show and or conference event that simply cannot be ignored.

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