Deck the halls, Christmas is fast approaching!

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas time for so many reasons, taking some well-deserved time out to enjoy more of life, spending even more quality time with family and friends, enjoying some good food (and all right the occasional festive drink), decorating the business and the house, sharing the festive season with the neighbourhood and the list goes on!

It’s hard to believe there is only 40 days left to Christmas 2012!

With that in mind, do you have all your Christmas shopping organised, well if you are like me, of course you haven’t.

What’s more, let’s get down to business, have you sent out your Chrissy cards to your present and even some of your past clients?

If you have not considered it or you are just sitting on the fence and are unsure whether or not to and you are asking why should I give a Christmas card to a customer? Here are just 5 quick but important reasons:

  • It gives you the opportunity to show your customers that your are thinking of them and that you care.
  • Allows you to thank your customers – we have all no doubt heard about the benefits of saying thank you, and how it is vital in creating personal and long lasting relationships with clients.
  • In today’s technological age, sending a physical Christmas card allows you to keep in touch in a more personal way with your customers and especially those you rarely see in person. It’s important to have a number of touch points when fostering your relationships with your customers.
  • Building your business branding – put your business literally, in your customers hands and the earlier you send your cards, the longer your message will be seen by them and others if they pop them on their desk or in their window.
  • Depending on who you use, you get the chance to also help raise valuable funds for various charities, enabling them to continue with their crucial contribution to our society. Remember, social responsibility is important.

Things you can do when you send your Christmas cards to either add that little more personal touch and or value include:

  • You can personalise the card and or your message to each recipient. Don’t have time to write them out by hand? Allow us to do some creative variable data printing for you.
  • You can get to be as creative as you want in getting both your message and your brand across, in a positive way.
  • Include a gift voucher as a Christmas gift for your client and or even entice them to buy one for someone else.
  • Remind them of your Christmas trading hours.

We have an exclusive range of cards that you can choose from and add your logo and personal message too or if you really want to stand-out from the crowd we can create a unique design for you ensuring you get a fully branded message to your clients.

So what are you waiting for, not only can you just simply share the joy this festive season, why not capitalise on this once a year marketing opportunity!

Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your business just because time is short!


Tom Dickson.

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