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Want custom printed apparel without the stress?

Take the hassle and potential risks out of your apparel order, and save time with our Full Service offering.
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  • Feel free to kick things off by giving us a ring at 1300 663 242 or shooting an email to 
  • Just a heads up, we might have a couple of questions along the way to ensure everything is spot on. You can fast track some or possibly all of this by using our form below. 

For just $99, you're not just getting a service; you're taking the first step in making your vision come to life. This fee covers a basic consultation and a one-off mock-up using your supplied artwork, all showcased on a premium AS Colour Staple or Wafer T-shirt with a front or back print.

Please note, this package is all about bringing your existing artwork to life, so it doesn't include graphic design tweaks, revisions, or delivery fees.

Got something more custom in mind? No worries! We can offer additional graphic design support, different garment options, and even multiple garments—all you have to do is ask, and we'll provide a tailored quote to suit your needs.

Just make sure to send over your content and high-res images in electronic format. If you need extras like logo creation, illustration, or copy-writing, we've got you covered. Since every project is unique, we'll give you a custom quote to meet your specific needs.

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