Creating Print-Ready

Designs from CANVA?

If you're a DIY'er and like to take a chance, get creative and wild working on your own artwork  you can online using!

While we always recommend using a professional even if it is to polish up your design, here are some tips and tricks to DIY better and ensure your artwork reaches our standards.

Designing in Canva

Once you have opened up Canva in your web browser, click “Create a Design” in the top left corner.

Creating print ready on canva - same day printing step 1

Input Custom Dimensions

Input the size of your document (the final trim size) in millimetre(mm). Click “Create Design” to open up your document.

Creating print ready on canva - same day printing step 2

File > Margins + Bleeds

Click “File” in the top left corner of your browser to turn on your bleeds and margins.

Creating print ready on canva - same day printing step 3


Since Canva is an online design tool that is not necessarily a program designed to create 100% print-ready files, there are a few caveats to using this tool that you should be aware of.

  1. Margins: The margins are un-editable in Canva. The default size of these margins are much more than SamedayPrinting's recommended 3mm (readmore at Artwork Guidelines). to mark your safety line. You do not need to keep all of your content within these margins. Do your best to keep in mind that the safe zone is the same size of the bleed, just within the document.
  2. Color: Canva does not provide a CMYK color option. All documents will automatically save as RGB. This may cause inconsistencies between your design and the printed product. Our Design Team will have to convert your RGB file to our CMYK printing profile. This may cause our Design Team to have to spend more time on your Artwork file.
  3. Crop Marks: Saving your PDF file with crop marks (Optional). However, Canva requires you to include crop marks if you want to include the bleed in your document. 
  4. The more issues with your PDF Artwork, the longer our Design Team will spend on your Artwork file. You will be charged for the excess time spent fixing your Artwork files. 
Creating print ready on canva - same day printing step 4
Creating print ready on canva - same day printing step 5

Print with Same Day Printing

While Canva has teamed up with Snap Printing in Australia to try and offer you a printing solution, you're still absolutely free to chose any printer you would like to produce your offline marketing material. 

With our team of in-house graphic designers trained in print, our passionate and experienced production team when combined with our large range of  printing and finishing solutions at Same Day Printing we'are no only one of the best, we would like to believe one of if not the fastest in the industry in helping you turn your digital file into physical reality.

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