Client Highlight – The Paper Doll Chick

It’s always exciting to see a new business open its doors to the public.  It’s especially exciting when that business is unique and interesting.  The Paper Doll Chick is both.

Did I say “paper doll”?  Yes, I did.  My goodness, when’s the last time anyone saw paper dolls?  That’s exactly the question that Megan Horsfall asked herself soon after she gave birth to her first daughter, after having had three sons.   When we interviewed Megan, she told us about her experience shopping for pretty little girl things.  Whilst there was an abundance of clothes and accessories, she realised something was missing in the toy department.  “I realised that the market was lacking in good, wholesome, non-electrical toys and activities,” she said.  And that was the beginning of a big idea.

As she recalled the memories of the good times she had playing with paper dolls as a child and the world of imagination that opened to her by playing with them, the creative juices from her background in graphic design began to flow with a steady stream of ideas.  With her graphic design skills, she was able to translate the beautiful images inside her head into reality.  Don’t be surprised to hear stories of mothers and grandmothers shedding a tear or two of joy as they witness a revival of their own childhood memories when they see Megan’s creations for the first time.

Megan noted that, not only will children naturally enjoy her one-of-a-kind line of “Delightful Darlings,” they will also be engaged in “creative play and the use of fine motor skills.”  Let’s face it, the majority of recreational items available for little girls is designed more to occupy their time than to enhance their imaginations and motor skills.  We believe that Megan has latched onto an ingenious idea – not necessarily a new idea, but certainly an old one whose time has come again.

During its start-up, Paper Doll Chicks is operating as an online business.  You can learn more about this truly unique, new business and keep up with their news by visiting their Facebook page at  In fact, why not post a note of interest and encouragement when you visit their page?  You can also check out Megan’s new website at

Help us welcome Paper Doll Chick to the neighbourhood.

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