Static Cling
Re-positional Stickers

Static Cling Stickers are adhesive free stickers that use static to stay in place, they cling and peel amazingly on glass walls or windows. They are an ideal solution if you are looking for stickers with the peace of mind that no residue will be left behind.

Look Sharp and Vibrant with Custom Shape Window Stickers

  • Fast Turnaround – from same day for some orders
  • Unique micro-suction adhesive with tiny suction cups that grip to most flat, smooth surfaces such as glass
  • Graphics can be removed and re-used time and time again
  • Optically clear viewing for retail window applications
  • Ultra-thick film ensures absolute ease of application
  • Custom cut to your shape requirements
Clear Window Sticker

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Cling to your prospect’s front of mind with Clear Super Cling Window Signage

Super cling window signage is printed on a clear, durable plastic film that holds firmer than traditional first-generation static cling, providing greater reliability for windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. Custom printed super cling decals are are reusable, easy to re-positioned and can be peeled off without leaving behind sticky residues as they do not use adhesive. Printed fast, in Melbourne Australia, to meet all your urgent printing and marketing needs,you can confidently advertise your promos, new arrivals, sales or any short term events using super cling stickers for fast and easy branding.

Other Super Cling label options

Super Cling is available in clear and white to meet your every need. They can be cut to almost any shape and supplied kiss-cut as singles or on sheets. Clear supa-cling signs can be printed to adhere to the inside of your window, providing greater piece of mind that they will not be removed by someone else after hours, or affected by weather. For cling stickers being applied indoors, we can position the micro-suction cups on the on the front or back side of your print, allowing for interior or exterior fix applications.

Remember cling is great on any smooth shiny surface, so as well as window stickers, small versions are great for use on eye-glasses,  glassware, ceramics, and other smooth gloss surfaces.

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Finishing styles

Super cling, non-adhesive micro suction labels are print and cut to specification, so almost any shape is possible. Our square and rectangle labels come standard with 1mm rounded corners.

Sheeted or Singles?

Sheeted  labels are supplied with multiple printed labels on each sheet. Sheet size is a approximately A4 or A3 depending on your printed sticker size and requirements. If you need a custom sheet size, or a certain number of labels per sheet, we can help.

Perfect for handing out, or for use at different locations, like most printed window stickers and decals are, our single cut  labels are supplied individually on a rectangle or square backing, with your sticker shape kiss cut, so your label peels off the backing in the shape of your choice. Great for give-aways or when your team need to take just one per job.

What are Super Cling used for?

Clear Window Super Cling remain the most common and useful way for people to hold onto your details. They are commonly made available

  • Internal Window signage
  • Glasses and Glassware labels
  • Point of Sale messages
  • Temporary signs on inside shiny services
  • Temporary signs on inside shiny services
  • Changing up your marketing

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