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Clear (Transparent) vs. 

Cut Lettering Stickers

What’s the difference between Clear Stickers and Cut Lettering Stickers A.K.A Profile Cuts? While many are aware that one is simply clear and the other is not, there are still some confusion on which on is the best option for their purpose of printing. Here’s a small summary of the differences and similarities of both.

Clear (Transparent)

When it comes to our Clear Sticker stock, you have quite a lot of options. 

We can do bubble cuts, Die-cuts, Kiss-Cuts and of course the basic shapes and forms. This is usually recommended for prints or logos that have thin detailed designs or intricate artwork.


These are best to be printed on Clear stickers as they will be presented to perfection without messing up any of the detailed designs when applying to surfaces.

These Clear stickers are printed on with your options for full colours printing if you wish.

Clear Vinyl Stickers - Same Day Printing Mockup
Circle Clear Stickers Vinyl - Same Day Printing
Start of something Stickers Vinyl - Same Day Printing

Cut Lettering

Cut Lettering stickers are a totally different kind of style sticker. 

These are cut individually per letter. They are only used to print letters, words, phrases, and maybe even your office details or working hours if you like.

 All you have to do is peel the paper backing, apply the Cut Lettering to a surface and remove the application tape to allow your Cut lettering stickers to stand out.

This type of sticker is NOT printed on, it is simply cut from the colour of Vinyl that you want to use and organize into Kiss-cuts.

Lastly lets not forget the advantage of both stickers as they are both fantastically durable, water resistant, and capable of being printed as Front Adhesive stickers. No need to stick it outdoors.

Cut Lettering Were open for takeout - Same Day Printing
Cut Lettering v2 - Same Day Printing
Cut Lettering locale - Same Day Printing
Cut Lettering sdp logo - Same Day Printing

Vinyl Stickers

Have a look at our vinyl gallery to see your options.

Transparent Product Sticker
Floor Stickers - Covid-19 same day printing
Overnight Gloss Vinyl Sticker Printing Melbourne
Same Day - Custom Die-Cut Emoji Stickers
Full colour gloss decal
Static Cling - Same Day Printing 800x533px
Metallic Vinyl Stickers
Gloss Vinyl Stickers
No-adhesive Cling
White Ink Process
Express Custom Shape Vinyl Sticker Printing
Custom Shaped Floor Sticker Printing
Custom Frosted Window Stickers

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