Check Artwork / Make Print Ready

Contour cuts for artwork

Our Basic File check service / Artwork Check is perfect if you think you have set up your PDF file to be press-ready, but would like it checked for common errors to ensure a quality outcome.  

For your artwork in here is what we need in a nutshell;

  • Supplied 1:1 scale,
  • 1-up per page, centered Hi Resolution Pdf files,
  • 3mm external bleeds,
  • 3mm internal margins,
  • all fonts converted to outlines,
  • preferably vector based images for content like text, logo's and line drawings,
  • all images embedded and 300-600dpi or greater for the best result (Do not upsample your images.), and
  • all colours converted to CMYK process (not RGB)
  • However for more detailed info and to avoid print delays check files meet press requirements outlined at: Artwork Guidelines.  

If you are supplying PDF files and are not familiar with pre-press set-up we suggest that you always select our Basic File check service / Artwork Check option. 

If you select My Artwork is Print Ready instead of this option, the files you upload will go straight to press without pre-press checks, and any artwork that fails to meet the required specifications may print incorrectly, at the fault of the artwork supplier. 

Our file-check service is only available for artwork supplied as PDF files, which should be uploaded in press-ready format for checking.  Any files NOT supplied as PDF files will be considered at least a basic layout and will incur artwork charges. 

If you need assistance with setting your artwork up as a press-ready PDF, or making updates to your files, our design team can assist with New Designs, Design Updates using your Adobe files, or Design Recreation from other file-types or images.

If you don't think your files are press-ready, it is best to select  a design option from the outset, to avoid this initial file-check cost, as design services will attract separate charges. 

What we will check for

  • That the artwork is the correct size
  • Correct Bleed is included in the file
  • Correct Internal Margins - no artwork is too close to the edge
  • Artwork is set to CMYK (unless PMS printing is being ordered)
  • Images used are at least 300dpi resolution
  • Fonts are outlined or embedded and will display correctly
  • Overprint is not used
  • Black colour rules have been adhered to
  • Pages are in the correct order
  • Folds will line up correctly with artwork
  • Border rules have been adhered to
  • Special finishes have been set up correctly

What we will let you know about or fix

  • If your file is press-ready, we will put it to press and advise you via email. 
  • If your file has no bleed, and has solid colours to the edge, with no other issues, we will apply "auto-bleed & trim marks" and send you a pdf proof for sign-off. Note if your background is not one solid colour, and you need our team to add bleed, an artwork update will be required, and design fees will apply. 
  • If your file has correct bleed but no trim marks, and no other issues, we will add trim marks and send you a pdf proof for sign-off.  
  • If anything else outlined above is not correct we will advise you via email, avoiding the possible requirement and cost of a reprint. If you supply a new file, you can again select press-ready and send straight to press, or request a file check and our team can check it again for you. You can also select to send your design files to our team to fix for you (artwork fees apply). 
  • If your artwork has borders, we will confirm you understand movement in production process may result in uneven borders.

What we will not check for

We will not check for anything else, including, but not restricted to the below:

  • Content or Layout
  • Spelling or Grammar
  • Contact details - web addresses, phone numbers etc
  • If you have read our recommendations on the use of borders
  • Any Appearance, Attribute, Transparency etc settings (other than Overprint), that may have been set within your artwork by your designer.
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