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Car Door Magnets

Deliveries are becoming more and more essential especially with our ‘ New Normal’. Products are shipped on the go, for pick up, take away, or delivery everywhere and these delivery services are just getting bigger and bigger. Here is a head start on your offline marketing solutions for your delivery needs.

Quick, Easy, Express Car Door Magnets!

This is particularly useful for the businesses that have recently been forced to shut down in order to follow the new stage 4 protocols and guidelines. Still, there are many businesses whose products are still in high demand, for example: Food, medical supplies, and groceries. That said there are a number of consumers who are in need of these products but don’t want to leave their homes because of whatever circumstances there may be.

That said, here’s a solution for you and for those particular consumers. 


Doing delivery services is now an easy option specially for small local businesses looking to pick up from where they left off. Do your clients and customers a favor and deliver straight to their doorstep, add these Car Door Magnets to your vehicles for a proper and official looking delivery service as well. It’s removable so it’s totally hassle free!

Photo Colour Festival 800x533 - Car Door Magnets

Straight Edged - Car Door Magnets 01

Photo Delivery Services

XYZ Construction Co - Car Door Magnets

Straight Edged - Car Door Magnets 02

Industrial Services

Same Day Tees Sale - Car Door Magnets

Straight Edged Square - Car Door Magnets 

Apparel Delivery Services

pizza free delivery - car door magnets

Circle - Car Door Magnets

Food Deliveries

wedding and events organiser - car door magnets v2

Round Corner - Car Door Magnets

Event Organiser Service

Beer Festival - car door magnets v1

Oval - Car Door Magnets

Food and Beverage Deliveries

nature of yoga diamond shape- car door magnets v1

Diamond - Car Door Magnets

Health and Wellness Services

star luxury suite 2 round corner- car door magnets

2 Round Corners - Car Door Magnets

Private Luxury Transport Services

concert ads - car door magnet

 4 Round Corners - Car Door Magnets

Tours & Concert Services

custom shaped- car door magnets

Custom Shaped - Car Door Magnets

Custom die-cut are also available!

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